Hey SJWs, you are not the Resistance.

poe dameron not in the mood.jpg
Poe Dameron is not in the mood.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is hitting theaters shortly, and I plan on going to see it sometime after the rush dies down. When I do, I intend to enjoy it for what it is: an enjoyable and novel escape to a fantasy universe with characters I remember and some new ones. I’m not the only one. Millions of Star Wars enthusiasts are ready for the latest installment in this long-running saga.

However, not everyone is willing to let us enjoy it. Some are determined to ruin The Last Jedi for us by making it about their sordid political agenda. While the rest of us go to bed at night, they are scheming around the clock to do things such as regulate shower heads, take away the incandescent light bulb, and, of course, screw up our favorite movies for the rest of us by making it about their SJW fantasies.

I’ve said before how silly it is to attempt to write one’s own political agenda into some form of entertainment that really has nothing to do with it. However, today I’m going to turn their own approach against them to show just how easy it is to cast something into a work that really wasn’t intended.

As we all are likely aware at this point, SJWs like to imagine themselves as the Rebellion from the original Star Wars trilogy, or more recently, the Resistance from the newer movies. I can understand the appeal of making one’s self out to be part of a motley group of freedom fighters that speak truth to power. The problem is, the SJWs are not it.

For one thing, SJWs like to compare the newest villain, Supreme Leader Snoke, to President Trump. The reasoning is that Trump is rich, the leader of a nation, and ugly (not really), traits that make him comparable to Snoke.

Snoke: Star Wars for “public figure you don’t like”.

There are several problems with this, most notably of which is the fact that Trump wasn’t even president when Snoke was conceived as a character. Obama was. And Hillary Clinton was considered the favorite to win the Democratic nomination, a move everyone saw coming years in advance, well before the DNC conspired to screw Bernie Sanders out of it.

Also, Trump is pretty far from the ugliest politically-involved millionaire that I can think of. That distinction would easily go to George Soros.

george soros

Furthermore, there’s the very reason Snoke became so unbelievably wealthy: casinos. You know, that thing that the political right usually opposes because they are pro-values, while the left is gung-ho about it because it’s a source of money?

If there’s any group from Star Wars that the Social Justice movement and leftism in its current state can be compared to, that would be the Separatists from the prequel trilogy.

For one thing, there was the fact that the galaxy was relatively peaceful until they started stirring things up. Similarly, race tensions in America were actually very low until the SJWs came along insisting that systems of oppression persist (with arguments good enough to convince them, if not the rest of us).

The reason why the galaxy came into a state of unrest was because a political figure worked behind the scenes to play both sides so he could use the resultant unrest to further increase his political power. Knowing this, consider the fact that Black Lives Matter began as a hashtag campaign, but as soon as it became an organized movement, George Soros funded it with millions of dollars, and it immediately became a terror organization.

If there’s a Star Wars enthusiast reading this, they should be able to tell me immediately what government that the Separatists sought to undermine. It’s the most oft-repeated title of the government that the good guys in Star Wars runs when they succeed in doing so: The Republic. To be more precise, it’s a Constitutional Representative Republic. Just as such a government does in real life, the Republic protects the rights of the galaxy’s inhabitants with rights enumerated in the constitution, while officials are elected to represent each inhabited world in the Senate, each planet maintains its individual identity, and is given significant authority to govern its own affairs.

If that sounds familiar, that’s because that’s precisely how America is governed, right down to the federal government’s relationship with the states, and the protected rights of its citizens. Like the Separatists, the SJWs are being used to destabilize the American political climate to bring the vision of the group behind the scenes into fruition, whether any individual foot soldier is aware of his role or not.

trigglypuffA foot soldier in the world’s saddest army.

Consider also how resourceful the separatist movement was. Even in difficult times, Count Dooku could count on the support of the Techno Union, bankers, and the Trade Federation. They actually had quite a lot behind them for support. In this world, the political left is so massively resourceful, that it makes the Separatist movement seem positively silly. Sure, it’s easy to buy the narrative that SJWs and similar leftists are just an unsophisticated group of resistance fighters, if you were to put aside their support from labor unions, academia, the entertainment industry, banking cartels, the tech industry, social media, the corporate mainstream information media, the IRS, and the military-industrial complex.

Considering the many similarities that current leftism and SJWs have with the Separatists from the prequel trilogy, I’m surprised that they’d turn to Star Wars of all places in an attempt to reach for protagonists that they can identify with. It’s almost as though they haven’t actually watched Star Wars at all, or were too dimwitted to learn the prequel trilogy’s obvious lessons. Though, to be fair, it was easy to sleep through much of Episode 2.

Speaking of lessons, I think that how the Separatist movement came to an end in Episode 3 should give the many SJWs, leftists, and those who carry water for them pause for thought. After the Separatists had served their purpose, Palpatine sent Darth Vader to “take care of them”. That is, by massacring them. Palpatine had obtained what he’d wanted; at that point, the separatists would only have been a liability to him.

Similarly, once left-wing overseers have already gotten what they wanted, what future exists for a bunch of firebrands that only created instability to get them where they are? The initial revolters rarely survive to see the end of the revolution. Those that do might not last much longer. Once it’s over, it will be time to clean up the rabble-rousers before they prove themselves willing to enact the same strategy against them that overthrew the previous government.

See problems with my comparison? That wouldn’t surprise me. This was really only an experiment to show just how easy it is for someone to see a person or people in a work, even if it weren’t meant to be the case. Having said that, the comparison between leftists and the Separatists is surprisingly strong. It’s a bit surprising that they themselves don’t seem to notice it or admit it’s there.

Anyhow, I’m going to try to find an opportunity to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the next few days. And I’ll be rooting for the Resistance fighters as they attempt to keep the Republic alive. Of course.

Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby~.

EDIT (15 Dec 2017): Out of curiosity, I decided to search Google for this entry using its title and numerous variations thereof, but to no avail. This happened even after using the very name of this blog, Magnetricity, in the search terms. Still nothing, except a few of my other pages which were insanely popular anyway. Curious, considering that Google usually indexes content for search results the moment it’s posted.

So I tried popping the title of this entry in Bing. It was the very first result. Just like that.

I’ve long suspected that Google filters out content that it deems challenging to its political agenda, but this is the first evidence I’ve seen which was specifically against me. It’s almost as though there was something to my claim above about the tech industry and social media.

If you’re looking for yet another reason to switch from Google to Bing, there you go.

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