Those fake gen 8 starters from a year ago were surprisingly accurate.

Over a year ago, a Facebook user by the name of 50 Shades of Heliolisk got Pokemon communities talking by unleashing concept art for the starters of the generation 8 games. His art, done with the help of a friend that knew Japanese, was really convincing, and he did come forward and admit that he made them, and they were fakes.

But just how much did he really know? How accurate that his fakes turned out to be really gets one thinking.

Let’s look at them, one at a time:


One of the fake starters that was revealed was a Grass-type monkey that stores berries on the tip of its tail. What GameFreak themselves did was also a Grass-type monkey, this one storing a twig as part of its hairpiece:


Next, we see that one of the fakemon was a Fire-type rabbit:


And I was so disappointed a year back to discover that it wasn’t real, not knowing that a year later, GameFreak themselves would do a Fire-type starter rabbit:


I could gush over how much I like it, but let’s stay on topic and move on.

The fakes also included a Water-type platypus:


We got a water lizard instead.


Hold on, is Sobble doing a crotch chop? That’s a straight up dis! This little guy has some nerve.

So, the fakes got two out of three right, and two out of three ain’t bad. One can wonder whether 50 Shades of Heliolisk actually had some inside information all along. While we’re talking speculation, there’s an idea going around that “fake leaks” we’ve been seeing are attempts on the part of media companies to gauge public reaction. Or maybe GameFreak themselves saw the fakes, liked them, and decided to implement the ones they liked.

Hanlon’s Razor goes that the correct explanation tends to be the one that makes the fewest assumptions, and it would seem like that would be that it was just a coincidence. Coincidences do happen, and with surprising frequency.

But, in this case, it was a cool coincidence.

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