WordAds is garbage.

I decided to check out how this site looks from a device other than my computer, seeing how my site would look for my visitors. What I was treated to was a bunch of super-gross advertisements. The content that I typed away to deliver to you guys was being undermined by drawings of cross sections of intestines that looked like they were exploding with worms, and I wasn’t even aware of it. When I finally learned that it was going on, I wasn’t happy.

A little while ago, I decided that a little ad revenue wouldn’t be a bad thing for supplementing my income. I wasn’t really planning on going professional by blogging as so many people out there attempt to do, but it would have been nice to have been making a little money on the side to subsidize how disappointingly little I was making with a STEM degree. What I didn’t anticipate was just how little my income would be supplemented:

ads revenue.png

That’s right, eighteen cents. Thousands of ads have been served, some of which making the site a nauseating experiencing for an unknown number of visitors, and I didn’t even get enough money out of it to buy a gumball.

At first, I applied for Google Adsense. I figured I’d try. It took a long time to hear back from them, but after they reviewed the content of my site, to my surprise, they gave the OK. This in spite of the rants I’ve made about Google. It would seem that they are actually some pretty cool guys.

But it took so long to hear back from them that I decided to sign up for Amazon affiliate links. That was much faster, but there was a problem: the links required the use of script tags that weren’t permitted when editing this site. I had a WordPress Premium account, so adding my own adsense code should not have been an issue.

I checked various tutorials that came up in search results, but the methods that they described no longer worked. For some reason, it seemed impossible to implement one’s own ad code into their own WordPress site. That’s suspicious.

Shortly afterwards, I learned why it was so hard to add Amazon affiliate links and Google adsense codes: WordPress had developed their own advertising program called WordAds, and they’re pulling some shady tactics in an attempt to eliminate the competition.

WordPress worked to ensure that people would primarily use their own ad network, which requires a hundred dollar investment to participate in. After spending that to start to monetize this blog, and getting just pennies back as the return on my investment, it seems like the way to make the most of the money spent would be to eliminate ads from this site, so that readers can enjoy my content without it being interspersed with unintended gross-out pictures. If WordPress has a problem with my benefiting financially from my writings, then I can reduce their ability to benefit financially from my writings, as well.

At the moment this post is made, I’ve disabled advertisements on Magnetricity, as a service to you, my readers. Any ads that are running on this site would be doing so without my permission.

Currently, I receive marketing messages from WordPress to use their email system. Apparently, if they think I’m gullible for spending a hundo to activate ads on this site, I must be gullible enough to spend money to have an email inbox.

Wordads is garbage, don’t bother with it.

4 thoughts on “WordAds is garbage.

  1. mathtuition88

    Amazon affiliates was very good in the past, now it is a shadow of its former self. In recent years they have dropped the tier system which encouraged high volume sellers with more commission. Now it is just a low flat rate.

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