Nice publicity stunt, Blue Angels.


In the year 2011, a huge earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, prompting people to take to their DeviantArt accounts to post tribute artwork and to express sympathy. Many Japanese people were out of homes, but at least they had plenty of art on DeviantArt to look at.

I bring this up because in light of the derp virus pandemic, stunt pilots found their own way to pay homage to first responders, with flyovers.

I’m not a doctor but I think I know how I’d find this gesture: Whoop-dee-doo, a flyover! How is this in any way supposed to help me?

If society decided that it appreciated what I do, I’d know how I’d want it to thank me: with money. I have bills to pay, I get hungry, and I want a house that’s not joined to other houses, among other things. As it turns out, a STEM major isn’t as esteemed in the USA as it’s made out to be, so unless society decides to properly thank its STEM grads with sufficient paychecks, I might look into other fields of study.

But last I checked, flyovers don’t accomplish JACK.

That brings us to the motivation for the flyovers, and it’s not hard to figure out: publicity. Doctors and first responders are in no way enriched by flyovers, especially when they are busy with plenty of work to do. It’s the stunt pilots themselves that benefit from the publicity that comes from expressing a platitude that is popular to begin with: that we’re appreciative to the people who are there for us when we need them. But do you know a better way to express appreciation to a working professional who underwent an education for the prospect of a decent paycheck? By bolstering their paychecks. You know, the general motivation for going professional at something.

But otherwise, nice publicity stunt, guys. Maybe you’ll be invited to do your routine at more air shows.

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