Socialists don’t actually care about human lives.

American states are getting to the point of opening the economy up again, which is just what working Americans have wanted all along. But not everyone is happy about the development, particularly fringe lunatics with a chique taste for socialism. Now they’re calling the rest of us out, calling us “right-wingers” putting profit ahead of human lives.

As if they’re legitimately concerned with human lives.

People seem to be forgetting that the idea behind the mass-shutdowns and “flattening the curve” wasn’t to eliminate the possibility of anyone dying from the derp virus, it was to prevent hospital emergency rooms from being overwhelmed.

To risk getting sick, and possibly dying, because of the derp virus is a risk intrinsic to going outside. You know what else can result in dying? Just about anything else. Bug bites, automobile accidents, angry Frenchmen with sharp, pointy objects, the list goes on and on. And yet, we still risk going outside. The justification for this is written in the nature of every healthy living being:

A life that’s worth living is worth taking risks to experience.

In my decades as a human being, what I’ve found to be consistently true is that humans can’t stand not having hope. We get up in the morning and will ourselves out of bed because we understand the possibility of contributing something meaningful to society, and because we find it rewarding to provide for our wives and children. A continual hope for a better future and a willingness to contribute something substantial to society is what keeps the working class going.

That’s where the Socialist types can’t relate to the normal, working human being. They don’t understand that people love having a sense of purpose, and love knowing that they’ve contributed to society. That’s the kind of thing that a person can’t experience by just playing games on the computer all day while accepting hand-outs from the government. It’s because of this that when the unemployment rate increases, the suicide rate increases proportionately.

But the Socialists don’t actually care about them. In fact, they’ve pretty much always valued their ideology more than human life. This past century was the century of atheistic socialism, and under their direct supervision, they made it the bloodiest century in all of human history.

The reason why Socialists want everything shut down is because when workers are put out of work, they’re placed on the same level as the Socialists that don’t contribute anything. Personally, I suspect that Socialists are glad when more people die from the derp virus, as it provides them with an ongoing pretext for continued shutdowns.

The following is a list of things that could occur as a consequence of going outside and living life:

  • Experiencing daylight,
  • Kissing someone,
  • Buying an Almond Joy, and those rule,
  • Destroying lawn gnomes with golf clubs,
  • Driving somewhere,
  • Laughing at someone’s ridiculous Jeep Wrangler,
  • Getting something to eat that isn’t pasta or ramen,
  • Meeting Socialists so you can laugh at them in person for being such abject failures that they believe that a bloody Marxist revolution would be easier than learning a skilled trade and turning in some resumes.

All of which would come with the risk, however remote, of dying. Yet, we still take the risks anyway, because the possibility of a life worth living is immensely superior to an insipid existence of government handouts. That’s not something that one would expect a Socialist to comprehend, because if they did, they’d come to comprehend their moribund ideology for the immense, steaming load that it is.

But now they’re pretending that they give a care about human life? They’re not fooling me.

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