Why are feminists so bad at dating?


It’s hard not to notice an uptick in the number of feminists who are attempting the dating game, but it’s not going very well for them. It’s not a surprise when you consider that they are a fad ideology that actively tampers with the gender dynamic.

While conservatives have been mischaracterized as old-fashioned and unscientific, their approach to courtship is actually strongly scientific, in that they’ve made observations, formed hypotheses, and rigorously tested them in a manner reminiscent of the scientific method. When it comes to courtship, they were really early to the science, as their approach has been battle-tested through the ages and determined to be axioma, found fit and is beyond dispute.

On the other hand, left-wing idealists, while eager to champion their ideas, are bringing ideas that are relatively untested and therefore by their nature risky. Their attempt-first-ask-later approach is reckless, and is nowhere close to as scientific as they are given credit for. What’s more, what of their ideas for which significant data exists determines that their flagship relationship approaches are adokimon, having been tested and found to be debased and unfit for the intended purpose.

Yet, they still continue to foist their ideas on the body politick. The continual failures of their approaches coupled with their fanatical insistence upon them gives fuel to the idea that the far-left is in league with an insidious population-control movement which uses mass misinformation to further it’s agenda. The irony behind such an endeavor is that it’s primary victims are leftists and the gullible, thus breeding out such groups, and autolyzing the movement itself. Among the victims of the theoretical movement would be feminists.

Because feminists have been indoctrinated into a worldview that treats the male-female relationship as adversarial in nature, it should be no surprise that they aren’t faring well in relationships that require compromise with both the opposite sex and their own expectations. Couple this with the fact that the concept of love has long been mysticized to the point that people find themselves doubting that it’s the “real thing” when they experience it, and the cards are really stacked against feminists when they finally get around to putting their fad ideologies to the test.

Some people are their own worst enemies. The hang-ups that they’ve taken on were usually foisted upon them by someone else, and internalized to the point of being self-reinforcing, making it much less likely that they’ll properly identify them as the cause of their problems.

The fact is, there are generalities that apply to women which can have a significant impact on their dating lives. Related to this is the fact that as women become more successful, they tend to notice fewer men who they find suitable for themselves. This is because women are naturally hypergamous, meaning that they tend to marry upwards on the social scale. Successful women can overcome loneliness by compromising with their inhibition and accepting men who aren’t as successful as they, but in so doing, they might find it difficult to resist their own natures.

What renders leftist movements self-defeating is that they teach men to be weak-willed and accommodating to the point of self-deprecation, and women to be aggressive and dominating to the point of being hard to approach, thereby making the two unlikely to find one-another appealing. The sad consequence is that politically-compatible leftist couples start families with decreased frequency, and if they were to date outside their own political sphere, there wouldn’t be much expectation for their success.

Simply put, feminists are bad at dating, and their own political ideology and philosophical notions are the cause of their own plight. If they had the introspection necessary to properly identify the cause of their own problem, they wouldn’t likely remain feminists. But if they were to continue on their course, it might become the hill that their dating lives would end on.

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