What Is Happen? (12 Jul 2020)

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Hello everyone, welcome to the first installment of what may end up being a series, based on my own petty whim. This series is titled, What Is Happen?, and it’s focused somewhat on current events in an attempt to answer the confused question, “What is happen?”

While the question itself may sound confused, it would seem that it’s pretty far from the most confused thing around.

In my first attempt to answer the question, I decided to type the query what is happen? into the DuckDuckGo search engine (a search engine I recommend). The main results seem to mainly come back with the dictionary definition of the word “happen”, so it seems I might have to dig into current events in an effort to answer the question.

In this installment of What Is Happen?, we’ll explore the following current events:

  • Kanye West is running for president,
  • Half the state of Oklahoma is being given back to natives because of a pedophile,
  • That last point is so jarring that I don’t remember the rest of the topics.
  • Oh yeah, there was another. An accidental vehicular homicide is being framed as racially-motivated, in spite of the driver’s race.

But before we get into that, let’s first do a short recap for the benefit of those who somehow missed out on the previous year, perhaps due to accidental cryogenic suspension in a manner similar to Fry from Futurama. If this is for your benefit, then I advise the following course of action for your safety:

  1. Sit down.
  2. Then continue reading.
  3. I’m not kidding, you’re probably going to want to be sitting down for this.

Are you ready? Consider yourself warned…

Late in 2019, a new virus was discovered in China which quickly spread to the global population. This virus is simply called “the coronavirus”. I know, it’s a stupid name since the word “coronavirus” describes a category of virus, and shouldn’t be used to describe a specific one. The coronavirus quickly spread around the globe, infecting many millions of people, most of which probably were never accounted for.

By now, you’re probably wondering just how deadly this new virus is. The answer is, not very deadly at all. Last I heard, only about 0.4% (or 4 in 1000) of those infected have died from complications related to the virus. It’s possible that the percentage is much lower because not everyone has been tested. Symptoms of the virus mainly involve a mild, short-lived cough, and is almost always followed by a full recovery. Apparently, a majority of cases are completely without symptoms, and the virus is mainly only a danger (however slight) to those already being killed by something else.

Based on this, it might sound like the coronavirus is no big deal. However, you only need to scare a few people in order to do a lot of damage, and if those people happen to be governors and heads of state, the potential for damage is far-reaching. U.S. governors have responded with state-wide shutdowns, costing millions of Americans their jobs, plunging people into destitution as welfare starts coming apart, and terminal self-destructive behavior has spiked.

The U.S. of A. is quickly turning into a third-world country, and it’s happening over a mild cough that quickly goes away. But that’s not all.

On May 25, 2020, a black man named George Floyd was killed by a white cop. The act itself was recorded and shared online, and millions were rightfully infuriated. People already furious due to having lost jobs from overreaction to the coronavirus were looking for an excuse to riot, and they found it. The riots initially started as frustration on the part of the black community, but were soon afterwards co-opted by Antifa, who took the opportunity to do what Antifa has historically done: sow violence and discord under the guise of activism. At the apex of the rioting, a portion of Seattle has been seized, with the police driven out, and declared an autonomous zone. The mayor of Seattle ignored the situation for weeks until people were killed in the autonomous zone, and rioters showed up at the mayor’s house. As it turns out, there’s no faster way to get the mayor to notice than to threaten the mayor with violence, so the police stormed the autonomous zone, encountering little resistance, reclaiming the area as part of Seattle.

If you’re wondering what the police are up to, you probably can’t count on them right now. This is because an officer in Atlanta, Georgia was threatened with the death penalty for killing a man who threatened him with a weapon. If the District Attorney of Atlanta is going to threaten officers with death for defending themselves, then what are officers supposed to do? It seems the answer is “blue flu”.

What’s a “blue flu”? Police officers are not legally allowed to go on strike. But they can call in sick, and when a large number of officers agree to call in sick, that’s called a “blue flu”. Police officers are now abandoning duty under the guise of sick days because they no longer feel safe doing their jobs.

There’s a lot more, but that’s the bare minimum to get you caught up. Now onto more current events. So, what is happen?

kanye with maga hat

Kanye West has announced his intentions for running for the presidency of the United States in the year 2020. This news has gotten the conspiracy theorists that call everyone else conspiracy theorists speculating that Kanye’s bid for the presidency is part of a conspiracy by Trump to try to get black votes away from the Democrats (particularly Joe Biden).

Kanye has previously expressed admiration for Donald Trump, and has famously worn a MAGA hat, which ruffled some feathers. Some might imagine that Kanye would run as a conservative or a member of the Republican party. Kanye intends to establish his own party, which he calls the Birthday Party, stating that upon winning, he’d hold a celebration as though it’s everyone’s birthday. He has stated criticism of the idea that a person’s race should determine how they vote, particularly objecting to the idea that black men should feel compelled to vote for Joe Biden.

While Republicans tend toward the free market and Democrats tend toward socialism, Kanye West’s vision of an ideal government is inspired by Wakanda from the fictional Black Panther IP published by Marvel, which, from my understanding, was an absolute monarchy with succession through combat.

I’m skeptical, but not just because it’s too late for Kanye to campaign in some states, but also because it sounds too awesome.

Oklahoma split.png Image source: KOAM News Now

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a large portion of Oklahoma is property of native Americans, honoring an 1866 treaty which granted native Americans much of eastern Oklahoma. The 5-4 ruling has determined that the areas fall outside state jurisdiction for prosecuting crimes, which would instead fall to tribes and to the federal government.

The Chief Justice, John Roberts, argued that “the State’s ability to prosecute serious crimes will be hobbled and decades of past convictions could well be thrown out.”

This issue was brought before the Supreme Court when an older man, who was convicted on three sexual offenses (including molesting a four-year-old girl) had made the case that the state could not prosecute him because his crimes had occurred on a reservation.

That’s right, a child molester just tore an American state nearly in half.

The reservations of Oklahoma wouldn’t become lawless zones reminiscent of the recent disaster called “the CHAZ” or “the CHOP”, as federal law would still have jurisdiction over crimes committed on reservations. Under the Constitution, states are not allowed to dissolve reservations within their borders; this is only allowed by Congress, which apparently hasn’t dissolved the Oklahoma reservation.

There are numerous other reservations in the United States for which an argument could possibly be made for returning to natives based on the 9 Jul 2020 Supreme Court ruling. But don’t get funny ideas about running off to a reservation in an effort to escape justice for a serious crime, as these reservations are still under federal jurisdiction.


A man who drove the wrong way on an exit ramp has been charged with vehicular manslaughter. The man was captured on security cameras driving his Jaguar onto the Stewart Street I-5 exit ramp at about 1:30am, past Wrong Way warning signs, colliding with pedestrians involved with Black Lives Matter protests. One protester was soon afterwards declared dead, and another was hospitalized.

Leftists have framed the vehicular homicide as being racially-motivated, and therefore a hate crime. Said leftists have taken to social media in outrage. But there is something that’s being overlooked…

The driver was black. Not only that, the two pedestrians who were struck were white. If there was racial motivation, it wouldn’t have been the kind it’s being framed as, though to be fair, the act was apparently an accident. The ingredients of an accident were there: a bunch of demonstrators were on an exit ramp, wearing black in the middle of the night. All that needed to happen for things to turn tragic was a car mistakenly taking the ramp, and that was just what happened.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

While the demonstrators and various leftists are predictable in overlooking the facts, it’s legacy media that proved disappointing, as many outlets aren’t even mentioning the races of the victims. While this usually isn’t relevant, it’s hard to imagine that the journalists don’t understand the potential behind the circumstances to stoke further racial tension. If they didn’t, wouldn’t they be too incompetent to be journalists? What’s more, why wouldn’t they be aware of the recent George Floyd riots, and how omitting the details of this story would give it tremendous potential to be distorted to fit an unsavory narrative?

The deception by omission by legacy media is one of those things that helps me to savor the nature of my conflicts with certain individuals: I care about the facts, whereas those I take issue with care more about how something can be framed to fit their narrative. It’s truth versus post-truth. As I see it, when in doubt, the safest course of action is usually the one that avoids harming a human being. As the post-truthers see it, harm to another person, including innocents, can be embraced if it somehow furthers their cause. In my perspective, the truth of a matter is used to lead to proper understanding, whereas in their eyes, the cause must never be questioned, regardless of whatever evidence exists.

A matter is being widely misrepresented in a way that furthers a destructive cause, when the facts omitted plainly had the potential to prevent such deception. It’s easy to see a deliberate malevolence on the part of information media.

So, considering all this, are we any closer to an answer to the question, What is happen? Based on what we’re seeing so far, it seems the answer is, This are confuse.

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