Trending in Japan: English Strip Lampooning Intersectionalism


Above is the first episode of a series of comics in which a stand-in for intersectionalism joins a complex table-top game (possibly Dungeons and Dragons). Currently, the series is up to four installments. As the series progresses, the blue-haired woman imposes more and more demands on the other players, and (as a commenter points out) the art style gets more chaotic as the situation gets progressively tense.

You can read the comic on Twitter. The artist is GPrime85.

One of the readers offered to translate the episodes to the Japanese language, and the artist granted him permission. Then something interesting happened: the comic started trending in Japan.

Intersectionality has had a few brushes with Japanese media, wherein intersectionalists have made demands of anime and manga to bring the forms of expression more in line with the sensibilities of the most sensitive people the western world has to offer (the intersectionalists themselves). Japanese content creators have responded with various flavors of rejection, including scorn and even ridicule. Intersectionalists didn’t take this well. But then, they aren’t known to accept any response that isn’t immediate unconditional compliance with profuse grovelling.

Obviously, Japanese culture is not the same as western culture. As I’ve pointed out before, the Japanese consume media with more mature themes because the Japanese are generally more mature as people. The Japanese are great at distinguishing fantasy from reality, and aren’t obsessed with the idea that entertainment media must teach ideals. They know that things like cartoons and comics are just made-up stuff, and that what fictional characters do might not actually work in real life.

Even though the Japanese have media that doesn’t suit intersectional tastes, the Japanese are still a well-behaved people. Japan remains among the most civil societies, and is among the safest to live in. That’s something for intersectionalists to think about as they attempt to justify their efforts.

Conversely, intersectionality in the U.S. has resulted in long riots that have had the effect of making cities more dangerous, what with all the violence and destruction. Which, I admit, is quite an effective way to demonstrate the effects of your virtues.

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