A Special Appeal From Magnetricity

Dear readers, I thank you for your attention in an important matter that has relevance to every single one of us.

For decades, we have enjoyed the internet as the free and open marketplace of ideas. For the first time in human history, the summation of human knowledge has become available for instantaneous access by nearly every human being. What’s more, anyone could contribute to this knowledge, providing advice, viewpoints, scientific knowledge, entertainment, and much more, with minimal interference from an establishment that controlled that information. It’s not overselling it to say that the internet has fundamentally changed society in a manner comparable to the invention of the printing press.

However, the internet that we’ve enjoyed for decades is now in danger. Even now, a powerful establishment force is coalescing with the purpose of bringing the internet under its own control. With influencers in virtually all levels of society, this movement has been exercising its capacity to cultivate public opinion. What they stand to bring about is nothing less than a change in the relationship between the individual, government, technology, and even marketers. This establishment grows increasingly more powerful as the political scales tip closer to their side.

This growing movement is an enemy to free thinking and critical thought in a manner unprecedented in all of human history, and as bad as they are, if they were to win just a few more significant victories, it would seem that they might actually win forever.

Here is why:

Nearly every browser, search engine, social media outlet, and many retail outlets, are constructing a psychological profile about you. You specifically. Among the information collected includes websites you visit, search engine terms, links that you click, the tabs you have open on your browser and how long tabs are open, your purchase history, and much, much more.

Tech companies and social media outlets profit by selling this information to advertisers, which then use this information to market to you with an automated system using targeted advertisements.

The contents of these profiles may alarm you, as they contain potentially vast amounts of deeply personal information about you. Such information would include medical conditions yet to be diagnosed, sexual preferences that you might not be aware of, whether you’re pregnant, and even when you go to the bathroom.

Your information has long been used for targeted advertisements. Social media platforms use information about your interests to serve you updates relevant to you. However, the potential for abuse of your information is obvious. And even more alarming, your information is already in the hands of those who can abuse it.

Knowing this, consider the fact that the bias in favor of the new establishment is overwhelmingly represented in the tech industry, social media outlets, entertainment media, labor unions, academia, and the corporate information media. With enormous piles of data on the psychology of most human beings alive today in the hands of those with an interest in directing public opinion in favor of an establishment narrative, it’s easy to see why humanity, as a whole, is teetering on a cliff towards a plunge into dark times, from which there is no apparent means of escape.

It’s understandable that most people would not want this to be true. But for the roughly one billion people living in China, it’s already a reality. Currently, in communist China, a social credit system has been implemented which assigns a score to each citizen based on their behaviors. Cameras with facial-recognition technology are placed throughout the streets of certain Chinese cities, monitoring the activities of citizens and making changes to their scores in real time. If a person’s social credit rating drops low enough, that person’s face may be publicly displayed on electronic billboards to shame them. Using this, it’s conceivable that the Chinese Communist Party can determine possible sources of dissent, which they can then quash at an individual level before it has a chance of coming to fruition.

In light of this, consider the fact that in the United States, law enforcement employs drones in many areas, including rural areas, that have highly-sophisticated cameras that can make out the details of doorways as far away as three miles, by zooming in on them. These have the ability to algorithmically identify pedestrians for monitoring.

All this information shows that the establishment ideology is at the cusp of total control of the general population, even as far as exploiting your psychological profile in an effort to defeat your better judgment. I’ve been witnessing these trends develop for a long time, but I bring them up now in light of an important development.

Just last week, Rudy Giuliani came forward with a laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, who is currently running for the office of President of the United States. The laptop, which was abandoned in a repair shop in Delaware, contained emails implicating both Hunter and Joe Biden in using their political power as leverage to profit off overseas companies in Ukraine and China. The laptop also contained explicit images of Hunter engaged in sex acts while doing drugs, and a recording of Joe Biden bragging about getting an investigator who threatened his interests fired, who was subsequently replaced with another investigator who cleared charges.

Obviously, this development would sink anyone’s presidential candidacy. But something interesting happened instead.

Social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook, blocked the original New York Post article from being shared. What’s more, corporate media outlets largely avoided covering the laptop’s discovery, or opted to downplay its contents, some immediately dismissing the laptop’s contents as “Russian hacking”.

As you may recall, “Russian hacking” was what was officially blamed for the DNC email hacking scandal. It was then that someone was able to guess that the DNC’s password to access their email was “password”, and uncovered email evidence that the DNC had no intention to nominate Bernie Sanders, instead preferring to nominate Hillary Clinton, in so doing subverting the will of the Democratic electorate, and defeating the democratic process.

Sadly, the Republican party isn’t ideal, either. The party has been plagued by “Republicans In Name Only” (RINOs), who upon assuming office turned out to not have the same values as the voters that elected them.

Considering this, it’s understandable that the lead-up to the 2016 election saw two rising stars on opposing tickets: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. However, the Democratic party would not suffer that an anti-establishment candidate would bring years of grooming Clinton for president to go to waste. As vexing as it was for the establishment, Clinton was defeated, and Trump became president.

As Trump was the best chance to defeat the establishment in 2016, so Trump is the best chance to overcome the machinations of the establishment in 2020.

The establishment realizes this, which is why they are attempting any dirty trick they possibly can do prevent him from resuming office. The party who threatened to pack the Supreme Court to attempt to defeat the conservative majority is in league with the tech giants and social media platforms that block the dissemination of information that exposes the party’s wrong-doings. The party that propagates an outright lie about Russian interference using corporate media as a mouthpiece once again cries Russian interference when more evidence is uncovered of their shady deals, because the same approach has a history of tricking enough gullible people to make a difference.

The primary reason my vote goes to Donald Trump isn’t the historic mid-east peace deals that normalized relations between Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, though that certainly doesn’t hurt. Nor is the primary reason the development of the US economy, which reached its strongest point in over a decade prior to the coronavirus, which Democrat governors responded to by destroying the US economy. But the fact that Trump wants to get America back on track doesn’t hurt, either.

The primary reason why my vote goes to Donald Trump is because he is the best chance we currently have to defeat a surveillance society operated by a corrupt left-wing establishment.

While you may disagree with some of the things he says and does, getting behind Trump might be the best thing you can do to help maintain a society where you’re permitted to disagree with the president. Furthermore, a vote for Donald Trump expresses loud and clear that you:

  • are interested in a corporate information media that has integrity,
  • are opposed to continual abuse of power for profit,
  • are in favor of elevating national interest above global collectivism,
  • are for elected representatives that actually represent the people, and
  • desire a free and open marketplace of ideas that doesn’t just prop up one side of the argument.

In short, the will of the people.

We’ve come to this point because far too many good people are not doing much. Whether it’s a new blog to get the word out, talking with friends and family, or simply voting for Trump, consider taking your first step in combating the new techno-tyranny, which we can colloquially refer to as the Dark State, to resist its efforts to enslave the world. To be honest, there is a lot of work remaining to be done, with little remaining time. Everyone has something to do. We may have differences of opinion, but it’s important that we strive to ensure that we have a future where different opinions can be shared.

It’s important that we act for our future now, considering that in the near future we may not have the same freedom to do so.

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