What is the Dark State?

There is a phrase that you may have heard, the Dark State. You may wonder what this phrase means.

The Dark State is a colloquial term that refers to a certain movement that is collectively laboring to bring world affairs to a certain point, even if the different elements thereof aren’t necessarily part of a formal organizational structure.

To understand this, consider the concept of a stand-alone complex. This is a phrase that was coined by the popular anime, Ghost in the Shell. A stand-alone complex is what happens when the activities of different people or groups gives the appearance of collective action, when in reality, the different parties were acting independent of one-another.

Similar to this, the Dark State labors around the clock to bring about a global authoritarian socialistic system that empowers a political class at the expense of everyone else, under the guise of acting in the interest of ordinary people.

The use of the term Dark State allows us to identify the movement as a whole without having to labor to describe the relationship between the different groups (e.g. Antifa’s butt-buddies, the vast left-wing conspiracy, etc.).

For an example of how the Dark State operates on multiple levels of society, consider the effects a riot can have when the Dark State’s individual elements work predictably:

  1. An activist group, such as BLM, agrees on a time and place for a demonstration, communicating the intention for it to be peaceful.
  2. As the demonstration is in progress, it is co-opted by Antifa, who uses skillful agitation to turn the protest violent.
  3. Corporate media outlets with a left-wing bias use any police action against the rioters as examples of police brutality, discouraging their intervention.
  4. Left-wing Defense Attorneys dismiss charges against the rioters, sympathizing with their cause. Those released usually return to the riots.
  5. Rioters against whom charges have stuck are bailed out using funds raised by the likes of Kamala Harris (the rioters are then radicalized by the prospect of a lasting criminal record).
  6. The general population is terrorized, facing the prospect of violent opposition by rioters who can escape consequence, making people less likely to interfere with the Dark State’s agenda.

As this example illustrates, the Dark State is an insidious threat to American national security, in spite of its relative lack of organization.

But that doesn’t mean that the Dark State lacks sophistication, as they’ve already infiltrated corporate information media, the tech industry, social media, banking cartels, the education system, and various subversive movements designed to prey upon the disgruntled and the delusional.

The phrase Dark State may seem to have a flavor of conspiracy theory to it, which helps it to be catchy. Personally, I’m not a conspiracy theorist; I prefer to keep things grounded in what can be demonstrably proven. Those fighting against the machinations of the Dark State already have their hands full with that much.

8 thoughts on “What is the Dark State?

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