Biden Laptop Now In Hands of FBI Over Child Endangerment Suspicions

The hits keep coming, don’t they?

Remember the laptop that’s been getting Hunter and Joe Biden in hot water over their overseas connections? Now it seems like it’s vintage bad news for Hunter, as Rudy Giuliani has filed a police report over evidence of child endangerment on the laptop, and the laptop is now in the hands of the FBI.

By Delaware state law, a person is required to come forward if they believe in good faith that a child is being abused or neglected. Giuliani’s complaint concerned evidence of what he called an “inappropriate sexual relationship”.

I can imagine that Hunter Biden would be sweating bullets, now.

But he wouldn’t be the only one. Rudy Giuliani had previously indicated that more material would be on the way, including that which would explicitly implicate Joe Biden himself. When a reporter had questioned Joe Biden about the laptop, he brushed off the question, even going as far as avoiding public appearances until it was time for Thursday’s debate.

Speaking of, the topic of the upcoming debate was supposed to be foreign policy. But since the laptop reveals, the topic has changed. Therefore, Trump has pointed out that the debate commission is helping Biden, which they obviously are.

What’s more, in yet another example of the Dark State at work, legacy media is doing what they can to keep the laptop stories buried. This includes the classic tactic of blaming the Russians right off the bat, as though that were the first bullet in their chamber. Just afterwards, the FBI and DOJ point out that no evidence exists to back up their claim. The Director of National Intelligence himself pointed out that there is no evident Russian connection.

It would seem as though Hunter Biden really had his laptop dropped off at a repair shop, forgot about it, and it contains data with the potential to sink a Presidential run. Now it’s in the hands of the FBI, and some of the contents may be evidence of activities that are highly illegal.


I know that Donald Trump is not the ideal candidate, but if your interest is in normalizing the sexual abuse of children, you’re now much more likely to see Joe Biden as your rational pick.

I wonder what it’s like to believe in a man’s efficacy as a leader, but also see the need to insulate him from the intellectual criticisms of another man.

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