Work-At-Home Falling Out of Favor With Employers

The reasons keep piling up to move on from the Coronavirus Apocalypse. This time, it’s becoming apparent to employers that working from home isn’t such a great long-term idea.

Earlier this year, companies adopted working from home as an approach to keep their employees safe from a virus that causes a mild cough for a few days. Obviously, it wasn’t an option for every employer, as many jobs require a physical presence to get them done, such as those in the service industry, or production jobs.

Initially, it the work-at-home deal seemed great, as well-motivated workers that didn’t need to commute could perform their jobs in spite of the distractions of home. But in time, productivity seemed to decline, and it’s becoming apparent why.

Much of the motivation behind the initial high productivity was fear. People were afraid that they might quickly lose their jobs, and the world was changing in a hurry. However, that fear has largely disappeared, as the world is slowly returning to normal due to a combination of factors (the virus being discovered to be far less deadly than first anticipated, the WHO being against lockdowns, various measures against the virus being found illegal in certain countries, etc.).

Also, the same efficiency that can be achieved with teams on collaborative projects is difficult to replicate when each member of the team is working remotely. According to the Wall Street Journal article, what could take an hour for a team could take all day for a group working remotely.

Another problem that I’ve seen from doing work remotely has to do with school attendance. The Coronavirus Apocalypse is a really bad experience for those attending college, as much of the experience that one would get from lab work cannot be effectively recreated by attending school from home.

One of the reasons one wants to attend a more prestigious school isn’t because the coursework is more challenging, it’s because those schools offer more tools to help students to succeed. Prestigious schools such as MIT and Harvard have huge libraries and laboratories in which professors can hold workshops and students can collaborate on projects. What’s more, it’s at these prestigious schools that students can network with their peers and future employers in job fairs to help build their careers.

Without these valuable tools, the main reason to attend an Ivy League school is just to say you did!

These are some of the unsung tragedies of the lockdowns that were a gross over-reaction to a virus that actually wasn’t very bad. Sadly, any honest assessment of the situation is likely to be buried, while the content more likely to be promoted is drivel along the lines of “THE LOCKDOWNS ARE GREAT, THANK YOU, MORE LOCKDOWNS PLEASE,” or “KILLER CORONAVIRUS OF EVIL DEATH MURDERS PEOPLE“, because for some reason, coronavirus alarmism has become a left-wing viewpoint, to be promoted by Dark State media to the detriment of sense.

Was the WordPress block editor made by staffers working at home?

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