Federal Judge Finds PA Coronavirus Restrictions Unconstitutional

Image source: The Free Telegraph

In a huge win for Pennsylvanians, a federal court has found that coronavirus restrictions put into place by PA governor Tom Wolf (D) are unconstitutional. Specifically, the ruling was against Wolf’s ban on large gatherings and his arbitrary list of businesses that he deemed “life-sustaining” and therefore worthy of remaining open during the pandemic.

Look, if someone is going to hold elected office in the United States, they should be required to read the Constitution of the United States, including the Bill of Rights, at least once. It’s not a long document, so it’s not much to ask.

While late victories are still victories, the major issue that remains is that the bulk of the damage has already been done. The PA coronavirus restrictions have been in place for months. In that time, hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians have been unemployed, the unemployment rate has shot up as high as 13.7 percent, and many businesses have shuttered, some of which will not open again.

If you’ve been reading a lot of my posts (thank you, by the way), you may have noticed that I tend to side against Democrats when it comes to most major issues. One of the reasons for this is because I’ve noticed that Democrats have a tendency towards authoritarianism, which is expressed in how they wield their authority on those over whom they have power, and their adversarial relationship with a constitution which stands to limit their power.

In Tom Wolf’s case, he used the authority he was granted to overstep the U.S. Constitution. In fact, it was the very first tenet of the Bill of Rights that he overlooked, which is generally regarded as the most important of the lot (it’s first for a reason).

But it gets worse: Tom Wolf’s initial list of “life-sustaining” businesses that he deemed acceptable to remain open was both inconsistent and arbitrary. For example, he initially disallowed automobile sales. If your your car was totaled in an accident at that point, you’d have been in quite a predicament.

But hold on, his list permitted automobile rentals. So, a person wasn’t allowed to buy a car for themselves by reason of an infectious disease, but they were permitted to rent a vehicle that frequently changes hands? What kind of sense does that make?

But mass transit remained open. Excuse me? So a person was restricted from getting a car for themselves, including out-of-state car purchases, but crowding into a filthy bus is somehow just peachy-keen?

On the surface, it seems senseless. But when you consider that some Democrats want to get people out of cars and get more people using mass-transit, it suddenly becomes evidence of the authoritarianism that the left is increasingly tending toward.

When you look at Democrats in terms of their agenda, their eagerness to wield power over those they have authority over, and their tendency towards authoritarianism, it’s far easier to see the reasoning behind some of their apparently-senseless decisions.

So it turns out, Tom Wolf’s ban on large gatherings and closure of certain businesses was illegal. How the government of Pennsylvania proceeds in light of this is to be seen.

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