BLM Riots in Lancaster, PA – Are we sick of this, yet?

YouTube/ Lancaster City Police Department, edited

Imagine that you’re playing a game of chess. However, in this game, something is going wrong: your pawns are moving on their own. On any turn that they move, you can’t make your intended move. But it gets worse: your pawns are making terrible strategic moves, and you can’t do anything about it. Your pawns could very well cost you the game.

That should give you an idea of what it’s like to be on Joe Biden’s campaign.

BLM’s latest mis-move would be rioting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in response to police shooting an armed assailant. Immediately after the shooting, Lancaster police acted transparently, releasing body-cam footage of the attack, leaving no doubt that the police response was justified.

Considering BLM’s history of ignoring facts, they responded as predictably as sunset. But in an interesting twist, the rioting quickly gave way to infighting, as many in BLM insisted that their white members go on the frontline, while others in the group understandably disagreed.

Lancaster, PA is not a large city. One can walk from the west boundary of the town to the east boundary in about a half-hour. After that, you wouldn’t have to go far to find cows and Amish buggies. The difference in culture just miles outside of town is jarring to the point that many tourists might find themselves checking their GPSs to reorient themselves, and to make sure they’re in the right place.

Now little historic Lancaster, which enjoyed a brief one-day stint as the nation’s capital, is the latest battleground in a cultural conflict that’s been fought in major cities across the country.

Which brings up an interesting question: Where do you have to go to be safe? The current generation of left-wing rioters are busy making it dangerous to live in cities, and they’re now pushing into suburbs for little other reason than to ensure that no one feels safe anywhere. Suburban areas have historically enjoyed relative safety from the hard-left marauders, but they’re now hard at work to make sure you can’t simply ignore them. What’s a person supposed to do?

There’s an answer, and it has to do with why it’s such a bad idea for rioters to meander into suburbs. People in suburbs own guns. Not only that, they’re well-motivated to defend what’s rightfully theirs. If you’ve been a single guy living in a city, stewing over class warfare and how the system did you wrong, you’d do well not to underestimate the passion of those who have families. These are the people who have procreated, and their willingness to defend their progeny is a passionate drive. Rioters have already taken to the suburbs, and for some of them, it was their final trip. Obviously, it’s a poor move, and in the context of the chess allegory above, it’s like a stupid move that leads to a piece being taken that cannot be recovered.

But it gets worse. While the media has been working diligently to cover for the rioters, the conduct of the rioters is rendering their endeavor borderline impossible. On top of that, Kamala Harris has set up a fund to bail out violent rioters, making the Biden campaign look even worse. This enables the Trump campaign to take a more advantageous position as the law-and-order candidate.

While Biden recognizes that the rioting is wrong, it’s not lost on the electorate that the rioters are bearing the Democratic party’s pet ideology. This has resulted in the lunchroom discussion tilting away from the Democrats, and more towards Trump and the Republicans. If you’re among those whose job survived the Democrat’s coronavirus response, you’ve likely noticed this phenomenon in your own workplace’s lunchroom. It’s symptomatic of what happens to public opinion when the left can’t reign in its own, and the mayhem increasingly hits close to home.

Having lived in Lancaster county before, I still find it hard to answer the question of why the small city makes national news. But considering that the event this time around was a violent incident, the part of the city that it took place in wasn’t a surprise at all.

If it’s the intention of Antifa or BLM to get Trump reelected, in their own ironic way, they are on the right track. They couldn’t have done more to get Trump reelected if they voted for him, themselves.

So, this time, it’s Lancaster, PA. Are we sick of this, yet?

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