Google Faces Antitrust Case from DOJ

In the biggest antitrust case in over a decade, Google is being sued by the Department of Justice for antitrust behavior.

The tech giant has been making deals with cell phone companies, including Apple and Samsung, for Google’s namesake search engine to be the default for cell phones. The DOJ alleges that this behavior blocks out search engine competitors from being the default on these devices.

To say that Google is enormous is not an understatement. Not only do they have the most popular search engine in the world, they have numerous applications and services, including YouTube and Gmail, which are ubiquitous.

If you wonder how Google makes money by offering their products and services free of charge, they do this by collecting enormous amounts of data on everyone who uses these services, whether they have a Google account or not. This information is then sold to advertisers who use this information to serve you targeted ads.

It’s likely that Google already has an extensive profile on you.

I’ve warned before that the extensive information collected by tech companies and social networks is already in the hands of those who can abuse it. This information includes, but is not limited to, search engine terms, the websites you visit, the links you click on, the tabs you have open, how long you have them open, among other things. Using this information, they can determine things such as medical conditions you may not have been diagnosed with, possible mental illnesses, and perhaps even sexual preferences you may not be aware of.

If Google got into the business of blackmail, we’d pretty much all be screwed.

While the antitrust suit has bipartisan support, it’s notable that each of the eleven Attorneys General joining the case as plaintiffs are Republican. This indicates a certain hesitance of Democrats to get on board, regardless of their stated agreement with the development.

The fact is, Google has been a key player in the Dark State, having a strong left-wing bias that becomes evident in how they target right-wing content, while promoting left-wing content and propping up legacy media.

What’s more, their hyper-popular search engine plays a significant role in Google’s cultivation of public opinion. This is achieved by omitting certain pages from search results, and providing search term suggestions that clearly indicate their biases.

The reason I’m interested in the outcome of this court battle is because Google exercises way too much influence over public opinion for a privately-owned business. What I’d like to see is for the company to be broken up, and an end to come to their shady deals. Or at least for them to stop abusing their position of power to influence public opinion.

Because as they are, Google are less like librarians, and more like book-burners of the digital age.

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