Low-Information Influencing Reveals a Lot About How Leftists Think

Above is an example of a meme produced by a leftist. While such low-information influencing is pretty shallow and easy to see through for the appeal to ignorance that it is, it does provide something of value, albeit in a way they didn’t intend. What they’ve provided is a window into their own thinking.

What the meme above shows is that leftists, when producing memes to share among themselves, actually do believe themselves to be the oppressed underdog. The case for that can be made, if one were to put aside the left’s institutional control of academia, banking cartels, labor unions, the tech industry, social media, Hollywood, the corporate music industry, television networks, government intelligentsia, the Internal Revenue Service, and the mainstream information media.

Leftists have an obvious victim complex. However, while most victim complexes are developed, the left is interesting in that their victim complex is cultivated. This is exemplified by their continual grievances through social justice causes: women are said to be underpaid even though the gender wage gap has been thoroughly debunked many times, racial minorities are said to be under onerous systemic oppression in spite of institutional programs specifically-designed to give them a hand-up, and elements of sexual diversity are said to be repressed, even though corporate entities are going well out of their way to accommodate them.

On the surface, belligerent complaining about a problem that’s greatly exaggerated if at all existent makes little sense. However, when a significant portion of the population is convinced of the problem’s persistence there is political ground to be gained. In light of this, it becomes abundantly evident that the social justice issues are being propped up for their own self-continuation.

In nature, animals that feel sufficiently threatened usually run. However, if it becomes evident to them that they cannot escape, then they turn violent. The same is true of people. The higher-ups of the Dark State realize this, and see the value in convincing their constituency that there is a threat, and not only that, that there is an enormous right-wing conspiracy that threatens to undermine decades of civil-rights progress, and that the outlook is grim. From there, it’s a trivial thing to drive them to fanaticism.

Thus, we see the militant bloc of the extreme left in ANTIFA, who can easily agitate demonstrations held by less-dangerous groups. As riots continue out of control, the militant pawns do the dirty work of committing the acts of terrorism that drive the docile into fearful submission, all the while the upper-class enablers continue on without getting their hands dirty.

The unpaid influencers of the extreme left have no idea how powerful the left really is. If they did, it would become evident to them that they are not the resistance, nor are they a group of rebels, nor are they anti-establishment in any way. The main difference between them and their corporate counterparts is that the corporate influencers are actually being paid, and quite enough to live well.

If you want some fuel to think about how powerful the left really is, compare where the world is now to where it was a year ago. A virus emerged on the scene. The virus turned out to be about as bad as one we already had. But we didn’t shut down entire countries over the flu.

With the assistance of the corporate media, the left was able to shame people into wearing masks in public, and feed into the panicked hysteria with sensationalized stories. With the assistance of social media, anyone who so much as said the wrong thing about the virus was immediately censored. Having developed lists of industries arbitrarily deemed “non-life-sustaining”, smaller businesses all over the world were closed, many of them never to open again.

Even now, countries are responding to an increase in coronavirus cases with renewed shutdowns, in spite of the World Health Organization recommending against lockdowns, and warning that such shutdowns would lead to an increase in global poverty and child starvation.

Odds are, you or someone you know had their household income reduced or eliminated over the left-wing response to the coronavirus. If so, this puts you in a pretty good position to understand the kind of power the left really has, and how callously they’ll wield that power, even to the detriment of the vulnerable.

And through it all, they have the backing of legions of snots out to justify anything they do with memes.

It takes no courage to criticize one who will not punish you for it.

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