Militant Left Planning Washington DC Gathering

A demonstration group is planning on gathering across from the White House for an event in which they’ll watch the election in progress, and prepare to act accordingly. The name of the group is Shutdown DC, which should give some indication of their intentions.

The group is creepily warning of a “coup”, but as is often the case with leftist extremists, there is a twist, and this time, it involves pointing the finger at their grievance in an obvious attempt at victim-blaming.

Shutdown DC says, “Trump will only be able to successfully launch a coup if his donors, the media and the Republican Party establishment goes along with his attack on democracy,” They then added, “We’re going to put Trump’s enablers on notice: We hold you accountable for facilitating Trump’s historic attacks on democracy.”

Because a “coup” is an overthrow of existing government, Trump cannot achieve a coup, seeing as he is the executive of the existing government.

Natch, businesses in DC have responded to the prospect of leftist riots by preemptively boarding up. After all, if a bunch of pampered babies historically respond to not getting what they want by throwing arson-fueled, violent temper tantrums, eventually the grown-ups around them are going to learn to respond accordingly.

But it’s not just the livelihoods of underpaid Subway employees that are in danger, as the group is considering taking over government buildings. What’s more, Gary Bauer, chairman for Campaign for Working Families PAC, reported receiving an “unsettling call” in which leftist activists have stated their intentions of targeting Trump supporters, including having maps with addresses of groups and people.

It’s obvious that the intention of groups like Shutdown DC and Antifa isn’t merely to voice opposition, it’s to intimidate. They are determined to get what they want, if not through due process or the electoral system, then through other, more disruptive means. More chilling still is that they view you as an enemy, if you so much as voice opposition to them or their goals.

Rioters are the militant arm of the left, which the career politicians can implicitly enable while keeping their own images squeaky-clean. They are aware that if supporters can be attacked and donors can be doxxed, enough of them might back down to make a difference.

However, the militant left and their Dark State enablers are underestimating Americans. We know what it’s like to experience pain when we do what we do. We’re the ones who get nicks and burns from a hard day at work. We’re the ones who take the risk of getting injured while skateboarding, or similar recreational activities. We’re the ones who play outside even if there’s a possibility of breaking a bone or getting sick, because that’s a risk intrinsic to living life.

The militant left is composed of a bunch of lanky kids or overfed marshmallows whose view of injury and combat are informed by movies and video games. Because of this, when they see someone screaming because they were hit by a car (after playing in traffic), or when they see someone bleeding out after they were shot, it’s much different from how they imagined it would be. They have to greatly outnumber their opposition in order to get some damage done, which would make them the NPCs in a game mechanics perspective.

My advice is that if you can reasonably avoid confronting the militant left, avoid them. It may be a one-sided fight in your favor, but fights like this are best avoided. What’s more, corporate media loves to take any resistance to them and turn it in their favor, so don’t give them more to work with. We’re used to being held to a higher standard, anyhow.

Of course, if they attack your home or family, that’s a different story. Sadly, it seems like the militants’ intention is to provoke a response by doing just that.

It’s hard to avoid an escalation when the militant left wants it. We have to remain strong.

1 thought on “Militant Left Planning Washington DC Gathering

  1. cheriewhite

    These are scary times indeed. I believe a Second Civil War is coming and we absolutely must be prepared! Good thing is, as you said in your post, there are a hell of a lot more of us than there are of them and we can wipe them out and win this war. Thank you so much for posting.


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