Trump’s Victory

Source: USA Today

Polling has closed, and most of the votes have been counted, but Trump has a strong lead in the remaining battleground states, with the exception of Nevada, which leans Biden, and Wisconsin, which is close. Trump has taken the important state of Florida, a state which has sided with the winner of presidential elections since 1996.

Based on this information, Trump is on track to win the 2020 presidential election.

If you’re up for some amusing reading, go ahead and take a look at how traditional media is attempting to handle this. Their expectation of a clear, slam-dunk victory has just collided with reality, with the result being an impressive fragmented cloud of debris.

When comparing the offerings of the corporate mainstream information media with the reality that is right in front of the general population, I had suspected that these legacy information outlets are either doing a bad job of attempting to deceive us, or have spent so much time in their hermetically-sealed echo chambers that they have no idea what’s going on. In either case, it looks bad for them.

But in the context of this election, it’s even worse for the media, as it’s a referendum against them and their constant, obsessive attacks against President Trump, and their continual lies about “Russiagate”, and refusal to cover the story of Biden’s laptop, and the spurious connections the Biden family has with overseas energy companies (while the Bidens threaten US energy).

Of course, it’s also a referendum against social media’s abuse of power, and the Democrat’s callous response to the coronavirus with life-destroying shutdowns.

The race hasn’t been decided yet, but it’s strongly likely that Trump won. This is a phenomenon that the corporate media warned us about, calling it the red mirage, wherein an apparent Trump victory after election day can be challenged by mail-in votes that may turn the election to Biden. If that sounds suspicious, that’s because it comes off as an obvious attempt to cast doubt on the results, and tell the people not to believe their eyes.

We knew that they were going to pull this. But, vexingly, there isn’t much that ordinary people can do about it. Except, of course, continue to make the case to our parents and grandparents that legacy news outlets aren’t the same ones that they remembered from decades past, and are not to be trusted.

Regardless of who won, the free-speech and pro-constitutional elements of the intellectual dark web still have a lot of work ahead of them. This victory, if won, would be a significant step. But it wouldn’t mean that the Dark State wouldn’t try some other avenues to keep their plans in motion. If they’re effective strategists, they’ll have a backup plan, as should we.

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

1 thought on “Trump’s Victory

  1. cheriewhite

    I totally agree with you! I just saw a video where, at a few poll precincts, the registrars were giving Republicans Sharpies to fill in their ballots and regular ink pens to people voting democrat so they’d know which ballots to discard. Shameful and evil! Thank you for being one of the bloggers to keep us informed of the truth. I’m following you!


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