Something stinks…

It’s been a couple days since Election Day, and we still don’t have results. But based on what we’ve seen so far, something seems suspicious.

For one thing, there are six states that still haven’t given us a definitive winner. Three of which happen to be important battleground states where Trump has an apparent lead. It might just be a coincidence, but it seems kind of odd that Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina have just a few percentage points more to go to reach their conclusion, and the three so happen to favor Trump. It so happens that all three happen to fall short of the same call, and the margins are about the same.

It’s almost as though they were somehow shy about declaring Trump the winner.

Of the other three, one is Nevada. While this one is showing a narrow Biden lead, the count has stalled at about three-quarters of the vote counted, and another is Alaska, whose votes have also stalled, but everyone seems to be ignoring them.

More suspicious still is that the state of Arizona was prematurely called for Biden, but votes have appeared that were still yet to be counted, from areas favoring Trump. These votes may be enough to flip the state in Trump’s favor, but the corporate media is ignoring it. In fact, they’re treating it as though it were the crown jewel of Biden’s victories.

Trump is expected to dispute some of the state results in court, and he might actually have a case. But if he goes that route, could you imagine the media storm surrounding it? We’d have court battles while both sides proclaim victory. And if Trump wins through the courts, it’s easy to imagine that we’d be given a treat in the form of legacy media attempting to use it to delegitimize a Trump reelection for four years.

Not that legacy media is doing a good job of maintaining its relevance, considering that they now mainly exist to prey on old people and the gullible.

It’s kind of like the 2000 election, except with a handful of states, not just one. As an American, I find it embarrassing. We fancy ourselves a shining beacon of how constitutional republics work, but we’re bad at determining the results of an election in one day. This in spite of the enthusiasm over mail-in ballots.

In the state of Pennsylvania, it was decided by the PA Supreme Court that mail-in ballots could be counted until Friday, even without a clear postmark. That’s spurious, considering that for votes to be valid, there needs to be a proper chain of custody. If there’s no postmark, can we be sure the votes passed through the postal service and not some shady individuals?

Trump has threatened a lawsuit over the continued counting of votes in Michigan, with protestors calling for an end to the count.

We were warned this could get crazy, and we might see far more in the weeks ahead.

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