Creepy New Website Doxxes Trump Supporters

A new website has popped up which doxxes Trump supporters. Specifically, it doxxes those who have made financial contributions to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The site claims the information it provides is of “Americans who Give Money to Support a Racist.” Donald Trump has condemned racism, though the left likes to pretend that he didn’t.

The site’s information was made available due to the fact that those who make campaign contributions must share their full name and address. But there’s a further twist to a site that’s already substantially twisted: it abuses MapQuest by providing directions to their homes.

To the surprise of absolutely no one in the entire universe, the site’s registering company is based in California, which has a substantially different culture as compared to the rest of the civilized world.

It’s pretty obvious that the purpose of the site is intimidation. It’s existence is to make the point that if you donate to Trump, some violent out-of-control freaks are going to come for you.

As one could imagine, there’s so much potential for this to backfire. For one thing, Trump supporters and conservatives in general actually work for a living, and as a consequence, can get to be physically fit without even going to the gym. They might have dogs, too. Not those wimpy little comfort animals that weirdos take with them to grocery stores in their purses, I mean real dogs.

Then there’s the fact that they’re likely to have guns. Let that sink in, and you’ll realize that your usual Antifa pansy that’s about as lanky as those pictured above would do well not to antagonize their political opponents, as the resulting one-sided stomp-fest would be quite predictable.

Not that that’s any skin off the website maintainer(s) face, since its whole point is to make other people fight their battles for them.

The existence of the site provides an illustration of the worldview of the extreme left; they are polarized to the point that they actually believe that their political opponents are the worst people, and that anything they can do against them would be justified. They actually believe that attacking ordinary people is doing service to mankind because they convinced themselves that they’re targeting the worst of humanity.

While you’re asleep at night, or while you’re at work, or while you’re feeding your family, some creep in another state is conspiring against someone just like you, all the while performing psychological gymnastics to convince themselves that they are taking on Nazis and white supremacists.

But in their unhinged minds, they fail to comprehend that America would be measurably more peaceful if their own kind populated the prison system, where they belong.

The left’s finest weapon against the forces of fascism would be introspection, if they were to develop it.

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