BLM at it again. This time Philly.

Another black man charged at an officer with a knife, and the man was killed in the resulting exchange. Now, BLM is holding “protests” in west Philadelphia.

These protests are coming complete with the torching of police cars, and throwing garbage bins at cops. Which I admit is an effective way for the group to demonstrate their virtues.

So far, at least 30 people have been hurt, illustrating their ability to have safe, peaceful protests.

In yet another brilliant display of pyrotechnics, fireworks were detonated mere feet off the ground among buildings in the city.

There are also reports of a Rite Aid being looted, because what better way to stick it to the man than making off with off-brand vitamins and some toys made with cheap plastic that melts in daylight?

Similar demonstrations in places like Portland, Oregon have continued for the better part of a year. What can I say? These guys really know how to keep a party going.

Being the law-and-order candidate that she is, Kamala Harris already promoted a fund to bail these protesters out, so they can return to the streets and continue to amaze us as trailblazing paragons of left-wing valor.

Are we sick of this, yet?

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