Trending: “Can I Change My Vote?”

Currently trending in searches is the phrase, “can I change my vote?”, as noted by President Donald Trump in the tweet pictured above. But what does it mean that this phrase is trending at all? It would seem like voter regret is a thing.

But voter regret takes on a new dimension with mail-in voting, where people can cast their votes through the postal service. But then, as the campaigns continue and more information becomes available to voters, they may have a change in heart, even after their votes have already been cast.

Why would people be interested in changing their votes, now? It may have something to do with the fact that leaked information, confirmed by U.S. intelligence, found that candidate Joe Biden thinks little of using his political influence to profit financially off overseas energy companies, then threatening U.S. energy jobs by reducing fracking.

Early information shows that Joe Biden is winning, but this is skewed by reason of the fact that we’re only seeing mail-in ballots so far, which Democrats are generally in favor of. Matters are likely to reverse on Election Day, when Republicans who view in-person voting as more dependable would show up. Because the trending phrase concerns changing votes already cast, it would seem like Democrat voters are the ones interests in changing their votes, which were presumably for Biden.

The bad news for Biden, as Trump points out, is that in most states, changing a vote that was already mailed in is allowed in most states. If you’re curious as to how you’d go about doing that, now would be a great time to look into the rules for changing your vote in your state. There’s only one week until Election Day.

This election is important because it’s a potential referendum, not just against establishment politicians, but also against mass-market media, tech companies, and social media who through manipulative practices attempt to cultivate public opinion. This may even be our last opportunity to keep an anti-establishment President in office, since the political dynasties of old are not likely to allow it to occur again, just as the DNC was not willing to give Bernie Sanders a chance after grooming Hillary for years.

It seems like something big is coming. At this point, the question of whether we are prepared for it may be totally irrelevant.

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