Biden Himself Was Offered 10%, Says Businessman That Was In On the Deal

After claims of Russian interference regarding the Biden laptop were shot down by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, legacy media’s story about the emails contained thereon has became that they were faked. Now, the emails were confirmed again by the recipient of some of the emails.

It’s as though for every lie that legacy media can invent about this laptop, the truth has an immediate and powerful answer.

What Biden’s former business partner tells us is that Joe Biden himself was offered a 10% stake in a Chinese business deal, and that Hunter aggressively leveraged his family name to make millions while Joe Biden was Vice President.

Considering that we’re are in a trade war with China and are on the verge of a major conflict with them, for a Vice President to make trade deals with the Chinese doesn’t just come off as a conflict of interest, the man himself seems to be a threat to national security!

This comes just a day after it was revealed that Giuliani filed a police report over the laptop providing evidence of child endangerment. This batch of recent developments isn’t just a bombshell, it’s a firebombing!

The business partner pointed out that the deal was seen by the Chinese as “political or influence investment “.

So, at a time when tensions are high between America and the Chinese, nearly to the point of conflict, a Presidential candidate has made deals with the Chinese where they benefit with political influence. That sounds really interesting.

If you already voted for Biden by mail, and are just now finding these things out, I can imagine your regret.

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