Biden appears to have won. Why aren’t Democrats happy?

Christian Weston Chandler, outspoken critic of Donald Trump

The Associated Press has just called the Presidential election for Joe Biden. While legal challenges are now underway, it appears as though it may be Biden’s victory. The cheap seats are cheering and high-fiving each other. However, seasoned Democrats don’t seem so cheerful.

One needs only see what’s happening in the Senate, House, and Governor’s races to see why. Depending on how a Georgia runoff election goes on January 5, Republicans may end up with one more seat in the Senate, securing their existing majority. Republicans have so far gained 8 House seats, while Democrats have only gained 3. Of the 11 elections for state governor, 8 of the winners were Republican, with Republicans gaining a state, which a Democrat lost.

While Democrats envisioned an undeniable slam-dunk victory, the opposite happened, with Republicans making gains. This puts a bit of a shadow over the post-Trump celebrations, as does Trump’s judicial legacy of three successful Supreme Court appointments.

However, there’s another reason why the partying should be slightly reserved, and Newt Gingrich put it nicely:

It would be hilarious if, after all the spitball flinging and elbow-bumping, it turns out Trump won, anyway. Not that I’m counting on it, but it would be a hoot, wouldn’t it?

In any case, a Biden presidency would be tolerable if he could be prevented from putting his worse policies into effect. Which would include, by the way, mandating facemasks for everyone leaving their home, and threatening fracking which would increase America’s dependence on foreign energy (but hey, Biden has been profiting off foreign energy, so at least he gets off well).

It’s tempting to end with the quip “You get what you vote for”, but we probably actually didn’t. We all know they had no intention of letting us have it our way. While that’s not anything new, what’s worse is the potential precedent this sets: the new approach where you call someone racist until you win.

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