This is your chance to prepare for another lockdown.

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You’d better be listening, because after this, I get to say I told you so.

An adviser for Biden stated his intention for a 4 to 6 week nationwide lockdown. He has since walked back on this statement, but we know that these guys are at their most trustworthy when they accidentally say the quiet part out loud.

This is our chance to be prepared for it. Here’s some recommended actions:

  • Stock up on shelf-stable food items,
  • Secure your home, preferably 2A style,
  • Procure various sundry items, it’s difficult to tell what there may be a shortage of,
  • Make sure bills are paid, and some money is saved, if this can be reasonably done.
  • Be prepared to hit the road on a moment’s notice. Consider assembling a bug-out bag.

You might ask, “What if the lockdown doesn’t happen?” Generally, it’s better to have and not need than to need and not have. People should be prepared for disasters, in any case.

But consider this: we’ve already seen lockdowns, and no one asked us whether we thought they were a good idea. What’s more, much of Europe has already enacted a second round of lockdowns, with little notice, leading to rioting in Italy and France.

Some of you might think Trump might help you. His ability to do so might be limited, especially if your state has a Democrat as a governor. Besides, they didn’t try cheating him out of an election because they wanted him to have a chance, and they’re not censoring him and his followers on social media and corporate news outlets because they want him to do anything about it.

The left has previously stated their intention to listen to the advice of the World Health Organization (WHO). Since then, the WHO has voiced their opposition to lockdowns, saying that they should only be used as a last resort. The left isn’t listening, because their own control over us is more important to them than anything doctors have to say about it, and “science” is only useful to them as far as they can use it to their own ends.

You might feel secure because your job was on the arbitrary list compiled by your state governor that he deemed “life-sustaining”. But be warned, Biden’s list may be different from that of your state governor.

The initial lockdowns exasperated the problems of poverty and child starvation. It is advised that you act for your family’s benefit, as the left has proven that they don’t care about you or your children.

There it a lot more to say about how to prep for another lockdown, so it’s suggested that you check out some guides on how to do so, such as this one by

This is our opportunity to prepare, and it may slip away from us more quickly than we realize.

You’ve been warned.

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