Software Finds that Hundreds of Thousands of Votes Flipped in Immense Election Fraud

States where fraud was detected indicated in orange.

Joe Biden earlier informed us that he had “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”. His followers didn’t anticipate his slip of the tongue.

But what Biden himself didn’t count on is that a bunch of nerds had developed an algorithm that tracked the behavior of voting software used in swing states, and these nerds would watch in real time as hundreds of thousands of votes were flipped to favor Joe Biden, or were altogether dropped.

The following image shows an example of the code that showed a flip in action:

This is one example of many instances of code showing how votes were flipped.

What the code shows us is that if the election were conducted without cheating, Donald Trump would have 307 electoral votes, securing him a second term by a considerable margin.

Biden has already declared himself President-Elect, and numerous media outlets have presumptuously declared him the same, even though he was not yet certified, and Trump has already filed lawsuits challenging the results.

A handful of states may be headed for recount after a “glitch” was already discovered that flipped thousands of votes in one county from Trump to Biden.

Legacy media is squeamish about reporting on these stories, because they had a horse in the race, and therefore cannot be counted on to speak objectively. Their pretext is that they don’t want to cover stories that would “undermine faith in the integrity of the election process”, unlike their obsessive years-long propagation of the Russian collusion conspiracy theory, which turned out to be an absolute hoax.

You know what else would undermine faith in the integrity of the electoral process? Cheating.

If corporate media isn’t going to cover the real story when it happens, but instead tell fairy tales, then people will figure out how useless they are, with the smarter among us being the first to do so.

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