More New Evidence of Widespread Voter Irregularity

Earlier today, new evidence was presented of widespread voter irregularity. The information was gleaned from Republicans who were polled and were phoned concerning their absentee ballots. The poll was of a sample of populations, it’s still an indication that something seems amiss, and therefore, an investigation is merited.

The following is a short video presented by Tim Pool, who explains what’s happening very well.

Over the course of this election, I’ve noticed a few trends that seem odd. Any one of them by itself might not seem too troubling, but as they add up, they collectively seem more suspicious.

Among these are:

  • A strong insistence on mail-in ballots, in spite of the fact that several European countries have banned them because they are rife with fraud,
  • The mistaken idea that the Associated Press decides the winner of the election,
  • An unawareness that the election is still ongoing, as votes are still being tallied, and electors still haven’t cast their votes,
  • The presumption on the part of the corporate media that Joe Biden is president elect, in spite of the previous point,
  • A hesitance to recount votes, in spite of the fact that it would hurt literally nothing, and lay concerns to rest,
  • That Republicans observers were barred from observing, and windows were obstructed when an assembled crowd attempted to observe for themselves,
  • Corporate media outlets are repeatedly insisting that the election went just fine, after years of going on about a baseless claim about Russian interference,
  • Repeated denial of evidence of irregularities or fraud in spite of the fact that this evidence is available to the public, and we can plainly see it,
  • The chairman of the Federal Election Commission said that fraud is taking place,
  • Software developed to monitor the election found that votes were flipped.

There’s a lot more, but that seems more than sufficient to get people thinking.

If anything, leftists should be eager to do a recount at the request of right-wingers, if they are so confident that they actually won. That way, if it turns out to be the case, they could say, “That proves it, you happy?” The only reason I can think of that they’d be afraid of a recount is if it turns out that they didn’t win, either because they didn’t muster up enough votes, or there was enough improper or nefarious activity to sway the election.

Why is it that it’s the left-wingers who seem so afraid of the truth?

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