Pelosi Needs to Take a Break.

House speaker Nanci Pelosi threatened to waste enormous amounts of time and taxpayer money in retaliation for Trump supporters’ entry into the Capitol building earlier this week. To this end, she threatened yet more impeachment proceedings against Trump if her attempts to coerce Vice President Pence into misusing the 25th Amendment fails to go through.

As this is going on, the political director of the ABC news network Rick Klein has called for the ideological cleansing (their word) of the Trump movement. Such an endeavor, if seriously pursued, would involve the targeting of the approximately 75 million people who voted for President Trump, who would make up about one-fourth of the U.S.A.’s roughly 331 million people.

Of course, the same news network already felt morally-justified in lying about Trump and his supporters for a half-decade, so where they go from here morally speaking is anyone’s guess.

“Cleansing the movement he commands, or getting rid of what he represents to so many Americans, is going to be something else,”

ABC’s Rick Klein

What he represents is called “Populism”, which is for the will of the people to be actively pursued by elected representatives. The problem that the establishment has with this is easy to see.

Historically, “ideological cleansing” involves murder, and lots of it.

Meanwhile, Cori Bush has called for the expulsion of House Republicans that can be accused of somehow inciting violence. Remember: Leftists consider it violence to say something they don’t like.

By the way, Orville Redenbacher is owned by ConAgra, in case you were thinking of adding popcorn to your portfolio, and possibly benefit financially from all this madness.

While it’s not news that the Democratic Party is not thinking straight, since the Capitol siege, they’ve been running on emotions, and I think the case can be made for keeping them away from their usual duties until the time comes that they can approach matters more rationally.

In a way, they remind me of a guy who got punched by some random lunatic. The guy was normally rational and composed, but was not accustomed to physical altercations. But in the days after he was attacked, he was both nervous and inordinately vindictive, obsessed with retribution against his assailant. It took a while, but he eventually calmed down.

In a way, House speakers are kinda like him. While they have discussed resolutions that have had an impact on a great many people, as they have done so, they have lived in opulent ease. This week, they have experienced the perception of danger, in the case of some of them, for the first time in their decades-long lives. While they have waged war and destroyed life and livelihood through edict, they themselves were blissfully insulated from the disastrous consequences of their choices.

As it turns out, they can’t take it anywhere close to as well as they dish it out, as they have been faced with the prospect of personal backlash, in some cases, for the very first time.

To your average out-there leftist shill, the expulsion of their ideological opponents is a dream-come-true, as it would mean free-reign to do anything they wish, with all pretenses of unity and compassion for the downtrodden bring summarily defenestrated. But to those of us with clarity-of-mind, regardless of political affiliation, the escalation resultant from the very attempt is plain to see. That is why we recognize it for the insanely dangerous move that it is, and should not be attempted, regardless of how angry some insulated person feels.

What Pelosi and the rest of the house need is some immediate time off, for a few days. By then, their thirst for blood will have likely waned.

But I’m not counting on it.

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