What Can One Make of the People’s Storming of the Capitol Building?

Trump-supporting protesters stormed the Capitol building in Washington D.C., and if you’re hearing about it from me first, I’m genuinely impressed. This was an event that was unexpected, and unfortunately did result in one death, apparently of a random protester not actively engaged in a specific violent act, at the hands of a police officer who discharged their firearm.

Trump supporters just did what leftists like Antifa and BLM wish they had the nerve to do. Natch, the left and their pseudo-right establishment cronies collectively wants the activists hung, drawn, and quartered.

When it comes to this massive occurrence, there isn’t much more that I can offer outside of my own perspective, for what it’s worth. Apparently, the occurrence was initially intended to be a peaceful demonstration, but matters escalated in the heat of the moment, especially in light of the fact that the leader of the attending Proud Boys movement was arrested and barred from D.C. over a minor property and free-speech issue.

The black man that idiots want you to believe is a white supremacist. Image credit: The Associated Press

Of course, there’s more to it than that. Since the lockdowns, there have been countless people out there that wish that they could punch a giant hole in D.C., and it so happens that it was Trump supporters who were first to successfully pull it off. This tension was exacerbated by unconstitutional mandates which were subsequently flouted by the very governors that called for them.

Image credit: Scrawled into the image itself.

If you cost a man his job, you make an enemy with a lot of free time.

Now, let’s talk consequences. As you would expect, the left and the political establishment is demonstrating its sincerity in siding with history’s revolutionaries by calling for the heads of the protesters. The ideological ayatollahs behind them includes the tech industry, social media, and legacy media, which can be expected to labor hard to spin this occurrence to fit their own narrative. Not content to merely influence, they’ll also censor any attempt to present a more factual picture, and not only that, they’ll do their diligence to ensure that the same thing doesn’t succeed again. There will be tech censorship, just as there has been tech censorship against challenges to the results of the 2020 election. If the President of the United States is being censored, you are not immune.

Speaking of censorship, Twitter blocked the sharing of a video from the President calling for the demonstrators to go home. That was a mistake, as it was just the thing they would have wanted out there if they were interested in deescalating the situation. But in the same video, he did as half the electorate is doing and questioned the results of the election, and in their eyes, that was enough to hide his calls for a peaceful outcome. Even corporate media saw the benefit in getting that video out there, as they posted it to social media, themselves.

And then there’s how the government responds. Suffice it to say, the Capitol siege got as far as it did because it took them entirely off-guard. Historically, governments handle uprisings the same way they always do: When the top is attacked, they always attempt to shield themselves with the bottom.

There is currently a conspiracy theory going around that the demonstrators got wound up because of a presence of Antifa provocateurs. Like many conspiracy theories, it’s goofy, as it’s hard to imagine that Antifa would have much to gain by making it appear that their political adversaries are far more capable, and have a lot more nerve.

But one reason why I personally doubt that Antifa was involved was because there was a lot less fire than what is usually associated with them.

The enduring legacy of the Capitol siege does not bode well for Biden himself, as it illustrates for him that he will be the most unwanted President in the history of the Republic. He is the only man in American history for whom the prospect of his Presidency resulted in a siege of the Capitol building. If he does end up taking office, it would be in the shadow of the awareness that a huge chunk of the American electorate believe he did not earn it honestly.

Now that the siege is over, it’s the establishment’s turn. Whether you’re interested or not, you’re being bombarded with a rushed and disjointed official narrative that was quickly cobbled together for your eyes, to be presented by the typical three-letter networks. The resultant temper tantrums are amusing in their own sense, but predictable to the point of being stale within moments of being set on the table.

We already know what state media thinks, who gives a damn?

We all know this isn’t over.

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