The Fweedom Fighter That Wasn’t

An anecdote from Kamala Harris is making the rounds. The account pictures a toddler Kamala at a rally, asked by her mother what she wanted after she fell from a stroller. According to Harris herself, she responded by cutely saying, “Fweedom!”

Harris’ account is now facing challenges for its similarity to an account by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in which he saw a small girl make the same proclamation.

We live in a world where coincidences exist, so it’s possible that Harris had an experience similar to something that King recalled. But because her running mate Joe Biden has a reputation for borrowing other people’s experiences, it’s understandable that people are kinda skeptical.

But even taking Kamala’s word for it, the real irony to be had here is that Harris would grow up to obstruct the freedoms of innocent people. Among these are parents of truants against whom she filed criminal charges because their children missed school (Kamala laughed looking back on this, no joke), keeping people incarcerated for minor offenses so they could be exploited for cheap labor (even paying them $1/hr to fight California wildfires), and obstructed a DNA test that would have exonerated a black man on death row because she was on the prosecution (twist: the man took the test, and was cleared).

Obviously, transforming into the Chuck Norris of evil is a pretty far fall from being a little girl innocently pining for “fweedom”. The prospect of the same person becoming the Vice President of the United States is terrifying, considering her established history of abuse and obstruction against those under her power.

But don’t let that get in the way of that warm mental-image of millions of Americans under a Biden-Harris administration collectively calling out for freedom. I’d make a joke about getting what you voted for, but we all know we didn’t.

“I don’t care that they stole my idea… I care that they don’t have any of their own.”

Nikola Tesla

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