Children’s Book Author Arrested for Child Abuse

Not pictured: starvation and savage beatings.

When I think about friends, I think about hanging out with the guys and accomplishing a whole lot of nothin’. What friendship doesn’t bring to mind is vicious beatings and locking people up in a room.

Floridan Jennifer Wolfthal wrote a children’s book about friendship (pictured above) so one might think she knows a few things about friendship. But, apparently she is not very well practiced in her professed area of expertise.

This is the conclusion that one can come to when one of her children arrived at a hospital with suspicious injuries. A subsequent investigation of her home found that several of her children had signs of abuse and malnutrition.

Jennifer’s husband initially covered for her, but he later admitted that she abused her children. When the abuse got bad enough for him to intervene, he claimed, Jennifer responded by attacking the man. He even claimed that she locked him in a laundry room to punish him.

If this is true, it sounds like this Jennifer was quite the vicious beast. How she was able to overcome and lock up a grown man is an interesting question, but it stands to reason that a few malnourished children were no match for her.

This story isn’t getting a whole lot of coverage from the usual three-letter networks, which may have a lot to do with the fact that it doesn’t quite fit the narrative. I mean, a woman being on the administering side of abuse? Who’d have thunk it?

Believe it or not, women actually can be abusive. In fact, they generally are better at getting away with it because they know how to take advantage of perceptions that favor them. In many cases, it’s psychological abuse, which is sometimes dismissed as not being real abuse, further enabling the abusers to continue in the abuse they know they can get away with.

I suppose that’s yet more reason to be careful about the people you make friends with. Perhaps that would have been a great point for Jennifer to have made in her book.

If you’re wondering what Jennifer Wolfthal is up to now, she’s since been released on $76,000 bail, and her children are now in protective custody. She had a WordPress page, but it since went private, which probably has to do with the fact that she’s not as big a fan of taking abuse as she is of dishing it out.

I’m no psychic, but I suspect that she’s going to be spending some time behind bars, where she’ll learn why locking people up is a hurtful thing through empirical observation. Then there’s the abuse… There’s a reason why people who abuse children are singled out for the worst treatment in prison. People in prison would give anything to see their children again, but Jennifer abused hers.

When it comes to this kind of thing, “innocent until proven guilty” usually holds up. But considering the preponderance of evidence, the occurrence of the alleged crimes seems certain. Still, she’s in the hands of the legal system now, so don’t go doing anything stupid. She’s the monster, not you.

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