New poll shows that Patriot Party would beat the GOP

Source: Just the News Daily Poll, RMG Research

A new poll conducted by Scott Rasmussen has found that Trump’s possible new political party, the Patriot Party, would win over nearly a quarter of the electorate.

This is obviously bad news for the GOP, which would fall to third place up against the possible new party, expressing the disenchantment many conservatives and those on the political right have had with the established political party.

If Trump were to found the Patriot Party, the result would be a shaking up of American politics, and would likely push the GOP to the status of third party.

Onlookers have expressed concern, particularly those opposed to the shenanigans of Democrats and leftists in general. The concern is that, if the political right is fractured into two parties, Democrats would be nearly impossible to topple for the foreseeable future.

Personally, I wouldn’t be as pessimistic. I suspect that sentiment would further turn toward the Patriot Party if it were to become established as a serious political party, and in consideration of a right-wing alternative to the GOP, entrenched right-wingers might be less reserved in expressing dissatisfaction with the GOP’s establishment RINOs (Republicans In Name Only).

While Trump could hypothetically run the Patriot Party, if he were successfully impeached, this could prevent him from running again (which is possibly the reason for the impeachment). But even if Trump were impeached, this wouldn’t prevent someone else from running for office as a member of his party.

While the matter of impeachment is up, it begs understanding that Trump was impeached twice, not based on guilt for wrongdoing, but merely because in each case, a vote against him was successful. What’s more, a Republican has already proposed an impeachment against the newly-elected Joe Biden.

Personally, I think there’s something wrong with how impeachments are handled, as they are voted upon based on the reasoning of representatives, and a vote against a president can be made just because the representative doesn’t like the president in question. All this would be completely absent the determination of wrongdoing in a court of law.

Thus, impeachments can be proposed and voted on by hostile political adversaries, completely out of spite. And in the case of the more recent impeachment against Trump, it’s obviously a cynical and spiteful attempt to destroy what he and the around 75 million people who voted for him stand for.

Perhaps what’s needed is an amendment that would only make a president eligible for impeachment based on a determination of guilt in a court of law.

And America might also need a Patriot Party.

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