Photographers are trying to make Joe Biden look saintly, and it’s deeply unsettling.

I doubt I’m the only one who noticed this, but there has been a surge of photographs in legacy media that depict Joe Biden as though he has a halo.

It seems deliberate. The picture puts Biden’s head directly within a circle in the background, usually yellow, that’s just a little larger than his head.

In classical art, when an artist wanted to ensure a viewer knew that a person depicted was a saint, a bright yellow circle (a halo) was placed behind their head.

Crafters of religious symbology were excellent early marketers. They understood what patterns and shapes that people responded more favorably to, and used this to get a desired reaction.

Are leftist media outlets conspiring together to get the American public to view Joe Biden with the same reverence and devotion as one would a religious figure? If so, what does this say about their fanaticism, or for that matter, their ability to speak impartially concerning him?

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