Two Different Terrorist Bomb-Making Classes Go Awry Within Days

It’s already apparent to most of us that Islamic terrorists are on the wrong side of things. But if they are the type of religious folk that are dim enough to consider coincidences to be signs, these past few days would give many of their kind pause for thought.

Days ago, ISIS held a training class on how to make bombs. But just because they held a training class doesn’t mean that they know what they’re doing. A class went wrong when a bomb detonated, killing 21 of them. And because the blast alerted authorities to their presence, another 23 of them were arrested.

Not enough schadenfreude? Mere days later, a Taliban bomb-making class also went wrong, lightening the world by thirty incompetent terrorists.

The cultures of both groups are characterized by a certain grim fatalism flavored by overly-legalistic religion, and they had every intention on killing other people with their craft, which makes it kinda hard to feel bad for them.

According to their theology, had they died while actively engaged with an enemy, each of them would have been treated to 72 virgins in paradise. Doing the math, a product of 3,672 virgins would have missed out on the opportunity to perform favors for a small group of cave-dwelling fanatics.

If being religious to you means making financial decisions based on things like the contents of fortune cookies, that’s just stupid. But if you decide not to become an Islamic terrorist because they’re accidentally blowing themselves up out of hilarious incompetence, then you obviously think too hard to join the world’s deadliest flat-earthers.

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