The Star Wars franchise is still being threatened with Rian Johnson’s trilogy.

Rian Johnson, passing up the high ground

If at first you don’t succeed, keep chugging away at what resulted in failure. That seems to be Disney’s approach with Star Wars.

Sariah Wilson has announced on Twitter that Rian Johnson’s trilogy of Star Wars films is happening:

This news comes days after Disney fired Gina Carano for having a non-establishment opinion. That in itself was a poor choice, which makes the Rian Johnson announcement seem like a poor attempt at damage control. But it doesn’t make the situation any better for Star Wars, because the fans don’t want Rian Johnson making another Star Wars film, in light of the disaster that was The Last Jedi.

The indications we have so far is that Rian Johnson’s trilogy won’t involve the “legacy” characters. If his stories were to take place in a separate galaxy, then perhaps we can take relief in knowing that Johnson can’t do much more damage to the established material.

By Johnson’s own admission, things like world-building don’t interest him. That’s really a shame, because that’s one of the finer elements of writing. That also makes him the kind of person you wouldn’t want directing a Star Wars film, and certainly not a trilogy of them.

If you’ve cancelled your subscription to Disney Plus, it seems like your timing was great!

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