Diversifying Energy: Stating the Obvious

Sometimes, someone says the most obvious thing, and it’s just what everyone needs to hear. In this case, it’s former Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette, in an interview with Fox News.

Yes, Fox News, the program that impressionable morons teach other impressionable morons to piss all over, because it might expose them to ideas that aren’t their own.

On Fox Business, Brouillette points out that it’s better to have more than one source of energy, which may even include non-renewables:

Within days of taking the President’s seat, Joe Biden pulled the plug on the Keystone Pipeline, putting 11,000 people out of work, because his idea of pursuing renewable energy is destroying what’s established while work on alternatives is still underway.

As if it weren’t already obvious that this was a stupid strategic move, Texas is paying the price for its over-dependence on wind power after having seen its wind turbines freeze during a winter storm. It gets worse: while many Texans are still without power, another winter storm threatens the state.

While leftists might just make Biden out to be a victim of poor timing, Texans are the greater victims of left-wing ideas.

Don’t get me wrong, I think renewable energy sounds great. However, it’s implementation should be strategic, which may even take the admission that fossil fuels may be the most practical choice for a little while.

Environmentalists like to say that there’s a lot at stake. But if that’s the case, then all the more reason to take a more deliberate, thoughtful approach. Surgery is performed with a scalpel, not a battle axe.

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