Even Fear of Starvation Isn’t Driving Texans to Buy Fake Meat

Texas is in a pretty scary situation. Supply lines are disrupted, and shelves are being cleared out at supermarkets. In some cases, there’s no sign of more shipments coming in. Faced with the prospect of starvation, Texans are panic-buying.

But they’re not desperate enough for Beyond meat, an imitation meat product that Bill Gates hopes will end up replacing the real deal in the near future.

From what I’ve heard, fake meat like Beyond Burger and Impossible Beef pass for the real thing. But let’s be real, here: there’s no point in pretending to eat something that you’re actually not. If I know that a wine glass contains grape juice mixed with club soda, I’m not going to accept it as champagne. Simple as that.

The same goes with meat products. If someone were to pull some stunt on me by presenting me with a hamburger, then being like “Surprise, it’s actually an Impossible burger!”, I’d be pissed, because they committed fraud.

I don’t know much about investing, but I suspect that an investment in a company that fills shelves with products that no one buys would be total crap. Though, on the chance that Bill Gates himself reads this, he’s free to take to the comments and explain what it was he was thinking.


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