CCP, Do You See What I See?

It looks like Western legacy media aren’t the only ones who see a problem with declining birth rates. So does the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and they are taking pro-active measures to combat the problem.

The CCP has apparently recognized that feminist groups are bad for marriage and birth rates. Now that they’re recognizing the looming crisis with declining birth rates, the CCP is reversing course the way one would expect communists to do: by banning the groups that are no longer serving their purpose.

Once the “useful idiots” are no longer useful, the very people that they’ve propped up have turned on them and dumpstered them. Who could have seen this coming?

In the western world, we’ve come to the understanding that birth rates decline as the prosperity of the people increases, paradoxical as it may seem. This means that if you’re one of those sickening eugenicists that think that there are getting to be too many human beings, your intentions would be more likely to come about if you were to just shut up, piss off, crawl into a corner, and leave the rest of us to act in our own interests. Which is exactly what we’d want you to do, in any case.

While I’m not a fan of the CCP, I do recognize that there is a certain efficiency with which they can reverse course. When the higher-ups decide that it’s time for society as a whole to change, they can just give the word, and everyone is expected to act in unison. The US is a much better place to live, but the government is huge, inefficient, and bureaucratic. It’s because of this that, when there is to be a change in focus, there can be some inertia. When there are a few government agencies involved in surveillance, for example, they might not all know to look for the same thing.

The recent discovery that birth rates are declining in most places in the world goes against the dated wisdom that population growth is exponential, and considering that birth rates are declining to crisis levels, it’s going to be interesting to see how various groups that have challenged traditional gender roles cope with shifting government interests. In some cases, it might mean that the left-wing groups that propped them up will no longer do so. But as we are now seeing out of governments which, like the CCP, act with little restraint in their own interests, to silence those groups is not off the table.

This development is going to be troubling, not just for feminists, but also for the various elements of the LGBT+ community. Particularly so for the Trans community, whose leaders, such as Rachel Levine, has advocated for sex reassignment surgery for children, permanently sterilizing vulnerable members of the population who are too young to fully understand the consequences of their decisions.

What’s interesting is that the CCP is now more strongly backing traditional families. It doesn’t seem like an accident, as traditional families are among the ingredients of healthier birth rates, others being strong, masculine men, and supportive, feminine women. These are the very virtues with which the gender fad movements have long held an adversarial relationship, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens to these movements when they no longer have government support.

“We cannot afford the luxury of men whose minds are so limited they cannot adapt to unexpected situations.” -Grand Admiral Thrawn

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