As It Turns Out, Staging a Hate Crime Against Yourself is a Bad Idea.

Jussie Smollett’s acting career wasn’t that great to begin with, so it’s not too surprising that his trial performance didn’t go over that well.

Disgraced actor Jussie Smollett has just been found guilty on 5 out of 6 counts related to his attempt to stage a hate crime against himself for publicity. This is the latest development in a saga in American politics wherein Americans pay close attention to the legal aftermath of a couple years of lockdowns and violent leftist protests, and the aftermath of it all.

During the trial, the evidence against Smollett just kept piling up, and Smollett kept adding extraneous details to his defense, such as that he was engaged in adult activities with his own attackers. Which doesn’t lend much credence to the idea of a hate crime. But if that’s how it went down, it would suggest that his role in Empire wasn’t his only performance that disappointed.

The verdict was a welcome change of pace after years of MeToo accusations, some of which were baseless, and goes to show that a false accusation won’t always prosper.

Right now, if there’s anyone who should be looking on with concern, it would be Alec Baldwin, as the outcome of the Smollett trial illustrates that a person’s fame doesn’t guarantee that they get off scot-free, and he should take particular interest in Smollett’s upcoming sentencing. If Smollett gets the maximum sentence for his own crime, that might not bode well for Baldwin.

Considering that Jussie had staged a hate crime against himself for his own benefit, the outcome is something to consider. Because he’s now a convicted felon, he could potentially lose years of his own freedom, he is no longer allowed to vote, may no longer legally own a gun, and he’ll have a difficult time travelling internationally. He didn’t gain very much at all.

Though that might stand to change if one of the left’s more prominent figures grants him opportunities by reason of his symbolic status. If that would be the case, it would be their business. But putting aside how appropriate it would be for one liar to join forces with another, the prominent leftists would do well to watch their backs, considering Smollett’s track record of throwing his partners under the bus when plans fall apart.

Hopefully, this outcome will serve as a deterrent to anyone considering replicating Jussie’s crime. The U.S. has enough problems as it is, we don’t need anyone creating any fake problems that make matters worse, just for one man’s selfish benefit.

Now that that chapter of the saga is over, it might not be a bad idea to turn scrutiny to Don Lemon, who provided information to Smollett himself regarding a police investigation, which is a clear conflict of interest considering that Don Lemon himself was covering the Smollett trial. Don Lemon’s integrity is definitely on trial, as a journalist cannot be counted on for impartiality when the journalist has involvement in the story, or stake in the outcome, for that matter.

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