George Soros, Do You See What I See?

As surprising as it may seem, George Soros, who has long been viewed as a sort of boogeyman by the political right, is surprisingly candid when it comes to the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

See for yourself:

The tweet was screen-grabbed, in case something were to happen to it. Here is a link to the tweet, which will work if the tweet is still active.

If you’ve been following my writing, you know that my viewpoints don’t always align with Soros. I actually view many of the conspiracy theories revolving around him as ridiculous, because they are. Soros is a donor to various left-wing causes, and is only different from most such donors for the concentrated attention that he specifically has garnered. He’s probably actually enjoying it.

Soros has just joined the growing list of influential individuals who are critical of the CCP. While his perspective may be different from that of many of us, considering that he views matters from the perspective of a wealthy and highly-successful investor, that doesn’t mean that his views aren’t valid.

The fact is, the CCP is a huge threat to the culture and freedoms of peoples around the world, and using their wealth, the CCP has succeeded in purchasing influence from prominent and unprincipled individuals. The CCP is currently engaged in the jailing of political dissidents, not to mention the genocide of Uighurs within their borders. In spite of this, the 2022 Winter Olympic games is scheduled to commence within their borders this Friday.

I know I might seem like I’m laboring the point, but when a fascistic regime is committing a literal genocide that is recognized as such by the international community, the same regime should face harsh consequences, rather than be rewarded with the honor of hosting the flipping Olympic games.

It bears pointing out that the CCP is not even the legitimate government of China. The government of Taiwan is China’s legitimate government. There was once a civil war over the land of China. The communists succeeded in taking the mainland, but China’s legitimate government remained in Taiwan. When you understand this, you understand why the CCP obsesses over the island of Taiwan.

Because Taiwan is geographically close to China, one may wonder why the CCP doesn’t just take it. For one thing, Taiwan is protected by it’s own highly-advanced armed forces. What’s more, Taiwan is protected by a pact between the United States and Japan, who agree that in the event that Taiwan is attacked by the CCP, both countries would repel the attempted invasion. The CCP likes to pretend that such a pact doesn’t exist.

Currently, the CCP is working around-the-clock to undermine worldwide stability for its own benefit. This includes engaging in psyops in an effort to erode the cultures of rival countries. Personally, it wouldn’t surprise me if the woke or gender-confusion movements were a product of Chinese psyops, considering that the CCP strongly encourages traditional masculinity among its men.

The CCP has been behind the Confucius Institute, which has been undergoing changes in branding in an effort to evade detection. The Confucius Institute is so zealous, that it actively monitors Chinese students attending American colleges, and in some cases attempting to discourage them from participating too heavily in American culture.

If one is going to take opposition to the CCP to its conclusion, then a person is going to come to be at odds with the Biden administration at some point along the way. After all, the Biden family has had a considerable investment in a CCP company, which they did as bad a job of keeping secret as they did with Hunter Biden’s drug-induced escapades. Even now, the Biden administration prefers to punch down at Russia, a large country with an economy the size of the state of New York, because Russia’s activities threaten the Biden family’s investments in Ukraine.

If trends are to change for the better, the western world needs to make drastic changes, fast. As far as this goes, there’s reason to be optimistic, as the CCP’s threat has escalated to the point that an influential individual like George Soros is speaking up about them.

Even if you’re not fond of the guy, it can still be appreciated that he’s speaking up about a threat that’s been doing a terrible job at masking its malice as of late.

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