Project Veritas Catches FDA Exec On Hidden Camera Admitting That Annual Covid Shots to Be a “Recurring Fountain of Revenue”

Let’s hear it for actual journalism! As reported by Daily Mail, an undercover reporter for Project Veritas has caught FDA executive Christopher Cole on hidden camera admitting to plans for annual shots for Covid-19, saying that they’d be a “recurring fountain of revenue”, and that president Biden himself has financial incentives for pushing the vaccine.

What makes this matter particularly amusing is that the reporter disguised herself as a romantic interest, going on a date with Christopher Cole, wherein he admitted to the scheme.

It’s because of this, it’s possible that his confession actually isn’t true. It’s possible that he’s just another douchebag out to get his rooster warmed, and like many such people, he was willing to bullshit to make himself look more connected and influential than he actually is.

However, if true, this is yet another indication of a merger between corporation and state, where wealth is continually extracted from the population in the form of mandated and continual purchases of products and services, or in the cases where the products and services appear free, they are subsidized with taxpayer money, which is another form of wealth extraction.

Remember that when the Affordable Care Act was concocted, the intention was to mandate many millions of people to get health insurance. While insurance can be a great thing, the insurance industry has long since become yet another way to legally steal. If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know that getting an insurance company to honor a claim that is explicitly covered under their policy is far more stressful than the accident itself.

Christopher Cole apparently didn’t like that his confession was obtained undercover, saying “You videotaped me talking with someone on a date – didn’t tell me anything, didn’t say it was being videotaped,”

Apparently, Christopher Cole thinks it would be more fair if his role in the merger of corporation and state were to remain under wraps, so that he may continue abusing his position in a regulatory agency to extract wealth using pharmaceutical companies that the very same agency is supposed to be regulating, while at the same time accepting kickbacks from those same pharmaceutical companies.

Either that, or he was bullshitting a woman in an effort to get his dick wet. In either case, it’s bad optics. But from what I’ve seen from the video below, he seems totally serious:

If Biden is somehow involved, the whole scheme is likely to turn to shit, anyway.

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