This Promo Video From the US Army About Psyops Is Actually Pretty Lit

Step 1: Watch the video embedded above.
Step 2: Know what I’m talking about.

It’s almost as though the US Army’s Special Operations division has hired those guys from Anonymous to make a creepy promo video for them, reminiscent of the days of Project Chanology. The only things that seemed missing from it was a Guy Fawkes mask and a monologue from MS Sam.

But what really caught my eye was near the beginning of the video, at about 20 seconds in, which called out the violence against the Tiananmen Square protesters. This was followed up by Ronald Reagan’s demand to tear down the Berlin Wall. As we know, the Berlin Wall did come down, and the Soviet Union didn’t last much longer after that. The video concludes with the toppling of the Saddam statue that followed the US invasion in 2003, and the capture of Ghaddafi in 2011.

Could it be that the US is finally starting to take the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seriously? And has it finally become as obvious to them as to just about everyone else that the CCP is attempting to influence the western world through entertainment and social media? If so, it took them long enough. If I was able to figure it out, it wasn’t much of a secret.

While we can talk about how creepy Psyops are, it’s a fact of life in today’s world. And it’s great to know that the US Army actually took notice as far as the CCP goes.

Even if you have a problem with the current administration, it’s still easy to see that it’s still worlds better than what’s going on with the CCP. For all its flaws, the US government is better than most governments out there, and it’s certainly better than the CCP. Between the two, I’d far prefer that the US win out.

It’s because of this that I’m concerned that the US intelligence apparatus has the appearance of being fractured. It’s a problem that’s shared with much of American government, but US intelligence appears to be very disorganized. The sheer number of agencies involved in intelligence doesn’t give the appearance of efficiency. The NSA, the CIA, the FBI, even the Post Office are all in the surveillance industry.

In American government, the sheer amount of bloat is legendary. From what I hear, it’s bloat that actively gatekeeps in an attempt to keep more intelligent people out, by reason of the fact that intelligent people are more likely to question the bloat. Of course, hiring idiots is counterproductive. But in environments where revenue is consistent as matters drag on, attempts to streamline processes will be met with resistance.

If you’ve worked in government, it wouldn’t surprise me if you saw someone introduce an idea that made a process more inefficient, then that person later got a promotion. Or engineering, for that matter. Inefficiency can be pretty clever at disguising itself as ingenuity.

The above promo video comes just as companies like Netflix are starting to dumpster the woke shit. I don’t doubt that the woke garbage that’s been attempting to destroy American culture has been a product of foreign influence. Whatever is responsible for it, it’s great to see more and more people wising up, to the point that apparently even the US government is taking note.

Or, maybe I’m seeing something that wasn’t intended, and I’d have a few things to walk back if it ever happens that the CCP takes over the world.

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