Feast Your Eyes: One Redditor Wants To Turn the Masses Into His Personal Army

A user on Reddit by the handle of ripitthrowaway wants to try to usher in a bloody revolution, and he wants to mobilize his own personal army to turn his sick wishes into reality. To this end, he made a post on Reddit encouraging his fellow Redditors to go fight his battle for him.

It can be appreciated that Libs of TikTok and others like them bring this kind of stuff to our attention. Because otherwise, the vitriol-filled missives of the terminally-online who think they know the world better than the rest of us would have gone largely unnoticed, lost in a sea of impotent rage.

Because Twitter is infamous for deleting Tweets that make their guys look bad, here’s a cap to ensure you don’t miss it. Check it out, because this shit is gold:

The kid shows his hand in the last paragraph. He doesn’t want to do it; he wants other people to do the dirty work for him.

I want to know what it is about city life that makes the leftists there believe that they’re smarter than they really are. You probably know what I’m talking about, it’s the leftists there who have no idea how their food is made, make fun of the people who produce it for them, yet happily accept that food when it’s been heavily processed, treated with preservatives, and shaped. What they don’t seem to realize is that people who don’t live in the city tend to have a strong understanding of how the world works, and they prefer to use that knowledge to avoid living in the city.

City-dweller or not, you’re probably bright enough to understand right away why this guy’s little fantasy would quickly fizzle out. For one thing, can you imagine how quickly a gaggle of protestors would get tired walking around in a rural area? This would give you an idea of what we’re talking about:

If they were hoofing it, they wouldn’t make it very far before they’d want to retreat to their dwelling-cubbies to drink off their sorrows while immersing themselves in entertainment. This would especially be the case for those among them as heavy-set as the typical American.

But okay, suppose some of the protesters were among the city-dwellers who owned automobiles. At that point, their bloody raids would turn into logistical nightmares. That’s when they’d get hit with the reality of what their buddy did to the price of energy.

It wasn’t long ago that the cost of gas was that low.

But that’s not the most obvious reason why messing with suburban and rural folks is a bad idea. You don’t need to go far outside of town before you’d find yourself in 2A country.

Do I really need to say much? Messing with people who have piles and piles of guns is a really bad idea. There’s no need to labor the point. There’s a reason why protestors generally stick to cities, where the main resistance they come across would be officers, who usually try to arrest them instead of kill them.

By the way, I do appreciate the Supreme Court’s foresight in upholding public concealed carry right before overturning Roe v Wade. The timing is just exquisite.

Anyhow, Redditor ripitthrowaway is yet another oversized child who is angry that he didn’t get his way, so he tried to sic Reddit on the Ultra MAGA who disagree with him.

If you’re wondering how he’s doing, this should tell you plenty:

The game he talked got him some negative attention. And, as it turns out, he just couldn’t take it. So much for his bloody revolution.


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