Looks Like the Makers of Funko Pops Are Throwing These Things Out, Too.

Did Nietzsche ever find a way to stop the abyss from staring back?

If you’ve walked into a Gamestop in the last decade, odds are, you’ve seen Funko Pops. They’re not hard to find. Just as you walk into the store, a quick glance to the right, and you might see a wall lined with tiny, expressionless eyes glaring back at you like the tiny abysses that they are. For a brief moment, you wonder whether anyone actually buys the things, before continuing into what has basically morphed from a software store into a toy store for grownups.

As it turns out, not a whole lot of people are buying them. That’s the impression that one gets when one finds out that the company that makes these are throwing out $30 million worth of them, because that would be a better financial move than having them take up space in their inventory.

According to Kotaku, inventory for Funko Pops has totaled up to $246.4 million, up 48% compared to the year before. So it seems like Gamestop isn’t the only place where these things are just piling up.

And now, Funko Pops will make little vinyl heaps in landfills, presumably alongside other toys that nobody wanted to play with.

I’m not really doing much to hide my disdain for these little things. What exactly is the appeal? Is there some kind of ironic, meme appeal behind taking pop culture media icons and shrinking them down, shaping their features to fit a template, sucking every last ounce of personality from them, and leaving them with tiny, expressionless eyes?


Or could it be that I’ve discovered Nendoroids first, which actually attempt an illusion of depth in their painted-on eyes?

Far superior.

You see that? Effort! Actual effort!

Or, if you prefer that your weeaboo loot be on the softer side, there’s Fumos:

You might not find stuff like this in Gamestop, but that doesn’t mean that Funko Pops don’t get competition. For one thing, Funko Pops line the walls at Gamestop, which are otherwise packed with things that anyone would rather play with. Also, you can shop online, where you can easily find the likes of Nendoroids and Fumos. Sure, they can get pricey. But they also don’t suck.

Or, if you’d rather have these things staring into your soul…

…just take a roadtrop to whatever landfill these are being piled up in. And bring a shovel. They’ll be free.


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