Are you Obamacare meltdown compliant?

Public, I’m going to tell you what you already know: You didn’t choose Obamacare, people that you made the mistake of voting in charge chose it for you. While we can’t vote them out of office until the next election day, what we can do is make sure that we’re Obamacare meltdown compliant.

What does it mean to be Obamacare meltdown compliant?

As you may be aware, when you do your federal income taxes for next year, there will be a fee for those who decided that they didn’t want to touch Obamacare with a stick. This fee will apply to the enormous majority of people, as most people did not sign up for Obamacare. This fee will be something to watch out for.

This fee would come out to far less than the overall cost of participating in Obamacare, but a person should still be ready for it. That fee would be either $95 or 1% of your income, whichever is greater.

For those of us who are making $9500 or less this year, you face the challenge of somehow making $95 appear. How you do it the federal government doesn’t consider their problem. They consider it your responsibility to somehow come up with $95 on top of the razor thin margins you’ve been living off of.

For those of us who have made more than $9500 this year, the fee will be 1% of your income. Which may not sound like much, unless you are able to do simple math. If you are making $20,000 this year, think about how often you’ve had an extra $200 in your pocket that wasn’t already earmarked for paying the rent, paying bills, or buying something to eat. Unless it’s the time you got your income tax refund, it hasn’t happened. Which, because of Obamacare, may have a significant chunk taken out of it. And for 2015 income taxes, it will be much higher.

By now, you’re probably figuring out what I mean by “Obamacare meltdown”. It will be the time when poor people will come to the conclusion that Barack Obama isn’t really their friend. Many of us realized what was coming. And now, you do too.

Of course, there are likely a lot of people out there that aren’t fond of the idea of paying. I’m not sure how fond the federal government would be of coming after you if you don’t pay, but if you don’t, be ready for a battle.

What else can you do about it? Election day is coming up. To make it easy, those who are responsible for Obamacare are almost invariably democrats. Even if you aren’t fond of republicans, you likely realize that they’ll work to reverse the damage caused by about six years of democrats having their way with our government, our industry, and our money.

Are you Obamacare meltdown compliant?

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