Why is Scyther so easy to find in Pokemon Go?


Scyther was one of the coolest pokemon. It was a pokemon that you had to like. If you didn’t like Scyther, you got punched in the hallways. Not only that, it was rare. It was a pokemon that not everyone had.

It was a version exclusive, and you had to have the Red version to catch one. Even then, it was a rare spawn that appeared in the Safari Zone. When one finally showed up, you got excited, even though there was no guarantee of catching it. Because, you know, the Safari Zone, where the capture mechanics were wonky. It was a great pokemon to catch in an area where catching things was a drag.

But if you got one, you were the man. Everyone wanted to trade with you. People would hang out with you, because you were the man with the Scyther. Or something like that. It wasn’t like it was game-breaking or anything. It was a mantid with blades for arms. And part of it’s appeal was that it was so rare.

So, how come Scyther is one of the most common pokemon in Pokemon Go? I’m not kidding, they seem to be about as easy to find as other bugs like Weedle and Wurmple. One day, as I was traveling home from work, I saw something like five of them in about 40 minutes.

It used to be that Scyther was rare, and that was part of what made it so cool. But nowadays, if you have a few Scyther in Pokemon Go, you might have accidentally caught them with the PokeBall Plus, and haven’t gotten around to releasing them yet.

There are a lot of ways to improve Pokemon Go, and one of them would be to restore Scyther’s rarity. Scyther’s rarity was part of what made it appealing, but then Niantic ruined it.

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