Do Current Events Reflect an Old Simpsons Halloween Special?

In what may be the most famous Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror episode, the animated sitcom parodied Soylent Green.

The episode started with Bart being sent to detention. But because detention was getting to be too full, the staff decided to get creative in how they punished miscreants.

One thing led to another, and the students soon discovered that “Sloppy Jimbo” was on the cafeteria menu, while Jimbo himself was nowhere to be found. Shortly afterwards, another student was sent to detention, and the menu afterwards featured an item seemingly named for him.

What was happening was that the staff had decided to deal with detention students by adding them to the menu. Worse, they were developing a taste for them.

Soon, the few students that were left were gathered together in the same room, overseen by an overweight teacher. At this point, the students were being sent to detention over the slightest infraction, because the faculty had tasted blood, and couldn’t get enough.

By the time the few students left had realized what was going on well enough to do anything about it, there wasn’t much they could do.

Sound like anything that’s happening today?

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