The Moratorium on Evictions Has Expired; This Seems Suspiciously As Though It Was Planned

As of today, the moratorium on evictions was allowed to expire. Considering the circumstances surrounding this, it seems this moratorium was deliberately killed. Consider this:

  • An extension on the moratorium was only proposed days prior to its expiration,
  • The proposed extension occurred just days before a 6-week house recess, and
  • The moratorium’s expiration date suspiciously coincided with the beginning of the 6-week recess.

In light of all this, it appears likely that there wasn’t a strong desire among government leadership to renew the moratorium, so circumstances were set up to make the failure of its renewal a likely outcome.

Could it be that it slipped their collective minds that an end to the moratorium was approaching? While that might seem possible, consider the sheer amount of incompetence this would imply. Did this really not factor into the thinking of the 435 voting house representatives, and none of them had the voice to speak up about the impending crisis of potentially millions ending up displaced? Could it be that they just weren’t aware of the impending expiration of the moratorium, in spite of its relevance to millions of Americans?

Or could it be that they were aware of the consequences, and set matters up to end the moratorium in such a way that would minimize accountability for themselves? Of course, it’s about as difficult to ascribe that kind of malice to a gathering of 435 elected representatives, but it’s as likely as that malice instead being incompetence, and in either case, it still looks bad. Of course, what is the likelihood that all 435 representatives would have a sufficient amount of one or the other, or else the few outliers not have a sufficient voice? In any case, it still looks bad.

Any they expect anyone to trust them to lead?

Those that are poor and politically lean to the left are more used to the idea that Republicans aren’t their friends, when in reality, they tend to be more against entitlement programs and the continual abuse of hand-outs. And, sure enough, it seems the entirety of Republicans in the house were against the extension of the moratorium.

The ones that these left-leaning poor should be really disappointed in would be the House Democrats, considering the Democrats didn’t sufficiently get behind the extension. Because Democrats hold the House majority, they could have easily pushed an extension on the moratorium through, if they got behind it as a party.

So, what comes next?

It’s hard to say, but I can imagine that not every landlord may go through with evictions. Not every landlord is rich, some are ordinary people. But there are likely a number of them that can get by that would pity their tenants and decide not to displace them.

However, I can also imagine that a great number of landlords would push evictions through as quickly as they could, in an effort to reclaim assets that were only continually being an expense to them. This would result in the displacement of a great many people, and could potentially result in a crisis.

Remember that the moratorium wasn’t on rent, it was on evictions. If anyone decided to take advantage of the moratorium by allowing back rent to accumulate, they’d be pretty bad off right now.

If you’ve been waiting for a SHTF moment, this has potential to be the tipping point. While most people would have a place to go to, people who lose hope tend to turn to desperation, perhaps to crime or violence, perceiving there being little recourse to survive. Yet, a person doesn’t need to actually be among those displaced to turn to violent fanaticism, as we see with the fact that a disproportionate number of ANTIFA extremists are from relatively well-off families. Even those not directly affected may perceive a threat to themselves.

This matter was set up in such a way that both sides can easily blame the other for what might happen, which made the outcome of events until now sadly likely, given the political climate. It’s obvious that the government lockdowns were a disproportionate response to an epidemic, and while continuing to run society as normal was clearly the better choice, especially in hindsight, you’d have to comb government to find a person willing to take the accountability needed to be a better, stronger leader.

So, we end up in the mess we’re in right now. What do you do about it? I don’t know, that depends on who you are, what situation you’re in, and the options available to you, which aren’t the same for everyone.

But for us to turn against each other seems like a trap, and might play into certain people’s hands. We should be careful about who gets the blame. Let’s be sure to direct a hefty amount of blame towards the people who called for the lockdowns to begin with, since they’re the ones who set us up for this mess.

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