The Real Reason Why the MAP Community Needs to Watch its Back

It’s mildly amusing how when pedophilia is discussed, you’ll usually find people who virtue signal, as though they have to make sure that people don’t think that they might be pedophiles. Look, you’re not a pedophile. I believe you. Cool your jets.

I haven’t heard of the MAP community until today. Pointing out as much probably counts as a kind of virtue signaling. Perhaps the desire to virtue signal so hard about it comes with running out of sexual deviancies that’s societally acceptable to make fun of.

You’ve probably pieced it together by now, but the MAP community is an online community of pedophiles. MAP is shorthand for “Minor Attracted Persons”. Even when it’s put in the most stale language possible, it still gives off creep-vibes. What they call for is recognition of attraction to children in the same way that society has come to more openly accept the various elements of the LGBT+ community.

The MAP community needs to watch it’s back, but not for the reason that you might think. The reason probably being that you’re a 2A kinda person. Unless you’re not, in which case, maybe you can find some rocks to throw, or something.

There is a saying that’s going around: Where two KKK clansmen gather together, at least one is an FBI informant.

If you’re in the MAP community, the implication of that probably turned your stomach to ice. Did it really not occur to you until now that your online group of professed pedophiles might be a snap to infiltrate? The MAP community has “honeypot” written all over it, but you didn’t notice?

On the chance that you identified as a MAP, and were only trolling, would the laughs be worth ending up on the map? After all, when a person is great at trolling, it’s hard to tell them apart from someone who is completely sincere.

Stay out of trouble.

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