Chris Chan Thinks He’s Jesus, Now.

After having been jailed and awaiting trial for allegedly raping his elderly mother, Chris Chan is now comparing himself to Jesus Christ. But more than merely making a comparison, Chris Chan actually made the claim to being Jesus Christ, in a letter that he wanted forwarded to Null of Kiwi Farms, and to his defense attorney.

The letter can be read on Kiwi Farms, where Null has provided a transcript. Just be warned that the letter reads as a window into the mind of a kind of crazy that one might have thought they didn’t make anymore.

(By the way, my use of male pronouns for Chris is not intended to be insensitive. Though Chris Chan identifies as a transgender female, the transgender community is not humoring Chris, recognizing his proclamation as an attempt to appeal to lesbian women.)

Hoo boy, where does one even begin to break this down? How about the fact that Chris wanted this letter sent to his defense attorney, as well as make it public? Can you imagine how his defense attorney must feel, having read a full-on, remorseless confession that was simultaneously broadcast to the general public? How is the poor guy supposed to defend him, now?

As evidence, Chris invites anyone to photoshop certain features onto old photographs of Chris (but only certain ones, not the ones where he’s wearing glasses, and only from the shoulders and chest up, which might make it less apparent that Chris is a big beef cow, and that if you were to place one of those yellow jackets on him, he’d look like a school bus.

Chris then wants his picture placed next to a picture of Jesus Christ for comparison. Chris’ request is impossible, because there are no pictures of Jesus Christ. The most popular idea of what Jesus looked like came from Renaissance art, when artists used their imaginations as to what Jesus looked like, which would explain why they depicted Christ as an Italian man.

But what expectation would there have been that Chris Chan would know this?

Chris also calls himself “Central Camera #000”, which indicates himself as the first of observational existences, having perception that he claims as infinite and includes the first-person perspective of all others. If this is a concept that he learned about from some video game, feel free to take to the comments to clue me in. But it does nothing to explain why Chris has been so gullible all these years.

Chris follows this up with a voluminous mountain of self-indulgent mushugganah, where he invites the reader to engage in some kind of transcendental meditation to arrive at his conclusion, and I’ll hard-pass on that. Right now, I’m trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Chris was able to hammer all this nonsense out in a jail cell, absent the controlled substances that would be available to those of us on the outside.

One thing he points out is that the Dimension Merge is “Completed and Concluding”. The Dimensional Merge is a concept that Chris may have invented with the help of a group of influencers called the “Idea Guys”, where supposedly all the fictional universes are to merge with the one we know. Chris has long stated that the merge was underway, but it seems he now thinks it’s “Completed”. That sucks for him, because he’s stuck in a jail cell, and can’t currently experience it.

Chris goes on to lay out his justification for withdrawing money from Barb’s bank account, in violation of an order against him. This justification on Chris’ part legally holds up as a confession. Chris really needs to get it out of his head that having excuses does not absolve him of guilt before he sets foot in a court of law again. But at this point, he’ll likely have already self-incriminated his way to prison.

Even though Chris currently fancies himself as the savior of mankind, he’s still so vindictive that he informs Null that he failed “HIS DESTINED TEST And Betrayed Me”, implying that he had only one test in his life, and he failed it. If guilt were Marmite, that was like emptying the bottle on a single slice of toast.

Then he went on to justify the act of rape that he was charged with, effectively issuing a confession to the act. And what’s more, he’s so narcissistic that he writes of the act as though it were a favor to his victim. And being an apparent fan of the concept of abrogation, Chris has declared “eased up” the Biblical view of adultery, presumably including the prohibition on having sexual relations with one’s own parent.

Chris is pretty far from the first person to use religion as a justification for his own vices. But claiming to be the Messiah while doing so is something special. What’s more, he points to the popularity of the gay and trans movements as though it meant anything other than people were doing what they wanted to do. Just because Chris thinks that he’s a god, doesn’t mean he comprehends that the truth of a matter is not determined by consensus.

So, Chris pretty much admitted to raping his mother, and claimed that he had healed her of her “past sins and regrets”, and that he improved “her abilities directly and personally”. Is it too late for a vomit advisory?

Reviewing this letter, one theory that’s being passed around is that Chris might just be playing it up in an attempt to make an insanity defense work. I don’t know, because it’s hard to tell just how sincere Chris is. From a jail cell without internet access, Chris no longer has “Idea Guys” to fill his head with plop, so either Chris is spewing from the plop that has already been implanted, or his new delusions were actually self-generated plop. In any case, he has ample plop with which to fire his plop cannon, with pages of cheap prison stationery as his target.

If Chris really is gunning for an insanity defense, it would seem he’s yet another legally-illiterate half-wit who believes that a successful insanity defense means just a few months in a padded room, followed by getting off scot-free. Don’t settle for dinner-table legal advice, people.

One thing that Chris seems to excel at is making matters worse for himself. His history of this is long and well-documented, but it now includes confessing to a crime he was charged with in an attempt at his own defense against the very same charge, while simultaneously committing what is considered a capital offense in any Abrahamic religion.

At this point, how can anyone predict what Chris Chan is going to do next? I don’t know, but I suspect that the Sex Offender Registry is about to become far more insane.

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